Endowment – Student Financial Assistance

The Gift of Opportunity

Providing financial assistance to deserving students and families has been a longstanding commitment of Shady Side Academy. We will continue to use our various financial and merit programs to attract bright, curious students who will add immeasurably to the Shady Side community.

The Campaign for Shady Side’s Endowment Fund helps to keep learning accessible. Your endowed investment allows us to support financial assistance for students by:

  • Creating a larger pool of financial aid dollars to be able to fund more deserving students.
  • Helping to keep tuition as affordable as possible and attainable for all current and future families.
  • Sustaining strong enrollment that represents the socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of our community.
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The Facts
Meet John

John Duff

"When you go to a school like Shady Side, you realize that you have a debt to those who have gone before you. I think about it as now being my turn. I found making a gift to Shady Side's endowment appealing because it lasts forever: it makes the endowment tree bigger and throws off more 'acorns' each year to keep teachers' salaries competitive and expand financial assistance. What better way to pay it forward?" - John Duff '59

Meet Timika & Skyy

Tamika & Skyy

"My son needed a bigger challenge. Shady Side was a good fit for him as both a student and an athlete. I just feel so fortunate that there are people out there so willing to give so my son can excel." - Timika Hastie, mother of Skyy Moore '19

Meet Linda

Linda MaMagna

"The idea of a private school education could have been so far out of my parents' vision, but with the help of a generous donor, I was able to go to Shady Side Academy and become the first kid on my street to go to college. That generosity changed the course of my life." - Linda LaMagna '83