OLD Endowment – Faculty Excellence

The Gift of Mentorship

Think. Act. Lead. Teaching students to think expansively, act ethically and lead responsibly is the hallmark of a Shady Side Academy education.

The Campaign for Shady Side’s Endowment Fund will provide the support to our students and faculty to continue to do this important work. It is also essential to our Academy’s long-term stability and future success.

Shady Side Academy faculty members are so much more than teachers. They foster the joy of learning, while encouraging each student’s freedom and responsibility to think, communicate and act with critical reflection. Our teachers coach, advise, mentor and challenge students to be their best, both academically and personally. The impact of our teachers remains with students long after graduation.

Now, through the Campaign for Shady Side, you can invest in new endowed funds that support our beloved faculty through:

  • Expanding professional development opportunities
  • Supporting competitive compensation
  • Ensuring comfortable retirement
The Facts
Meet Our Faculty

Sue Whitney

"Her values as a coach and teacher are with me today. I still draw on those values and pass them on to my children."

Meet Our Faculty

John Sutula

"No amount of words can adequately describe his effort, devotion and dedication to his students, and more importantly, to their growth as individuals. I cannot stress the importance of the impact his teaching has upon me. To this day, I find myself still waging the intellectual war that he sparked within me many years ago."

Meet Our Faculty

Robert Abercrombie

"Faculty is, of course, the strength of the institution. We had what we considered to be giants when I was a student. There are still people at Shady Side Academy who can be considered giants."