Campaign Leadership

A Message from The Campaign for Shady Side Co-Chairs

We are proud to lead The Campaign for Shady Side and look forward to working with each of you to reach our ambitious $31.7 million goal. This is a major effort that will have a transformative impact on Shady Side Academy for years to come.

The success of The Campaign for Shady Side requires the engagement of our entire alumni, parent and corporate community to provide critical funding for the continued construction and renovation of our science, technology and innovation facilities; the support of faculty and financial assistance through our Endowment Fund; and ongoing resources to the Blue & Gold Fund. The success of our campaign will ensure that Shady Side Academy remains a leading independent school into the foreseeable future.

Every gift – large and small – counts in The Campaign for Shady Side. Each one of us can make a difference by participating. We ask that you join us in investing in any aspect of the campaign that is personally meaningful to you.

Through this great time of innovation and change, the Shady Side Academy spirit remains the same. We uphold the power of human potential. Together, we can match the dreams and ambitions of our faculty and students with the resources they need to succeed at every level.

We thank you, in advance, for your part in Shady Side Academy’s next great phase.

Rob Mullin ’93 and Lou Plung ’80

Capital Campaign Committee

Kara Salvitti Conomikes ‘87
Debra Kline Demchak
Mary Jo Dively
Diane Fisher
Eugenia Friedlander
Michael Hannon '74
Jonathan Kamin '91
Tracy Prizant Levy, M.D. '84
Peter Mathieson '79
Robert Mullin '93, Co-Chair
Louis Plung '80, Co-Chair
Ann Gibbons Scherlis
Lauren O’Brien Troutman '85
Kristi Wells

Development Committee

Kara Salvitti Conomikes ‘87
Roland Coston-Criswell ‘95
Debra Kline Demchak
Annie Hanna Engel
Robert Glimcher
Amit Grover ’01
Michael Hannon ‘74
Michele Jegasothy
Brigette Pavlik Kolano
Jeffrey McDaniel ‘88
Robert Mulllin ‘93
Louis Plung ‘80, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Todd '85
T. Spencer Todd ‘89
Lauren O’Brien Troutman ‘85, Chair
Kristi Wells