Shady Side Academy is grateful to the following individuals who made gifts to the Blue & Gold Fund, the Educational Income Tax Credit (EITC) program, Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) program, the Campaign for Shady Side, designated gifts or endowed funds during 2017-2018. Thank you!

* Deceased | ** 20+ Year Donor
CFS Corporate Founders Society Member | FS Founders Society Member

Anonymous (31)

Teri and Taylor Abbett '85

Michael Abernethy '70**

Jayne and Lawrence Abrams '63

Barbara and Alan Ackerman

Pat and David Adams '54

Ann and Eben Adams '89

Aaron Adler '95

Mary and Scott Aiken '79**

Judy and William Aiken

Tammy and Steve Albitz '83

Jose Aldrighetti

Susan Sunbury and James Allan '82

Mrs. James S. Allan**

Pamela and David Allon '72

Sue and Harvey Allon '67

Zina and Thaer Almalouf

Carlin F. Aloe '97

Carol Aloe

Azucena Alvarez

Sherry Amaya

FS J. R. Ambrose III '92

James Ambrose '05

Michele and Steven Ament

Joan and John Ammer**

Barbara and Robert Amsler

FS Teresa and Joseph Anania Jr.

CFS Marciann and David Anderson '78

Cheryl and Edward Anderson

Sharen Anderson

Meredith and Stuart Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Carey D. Andrew-Jaja

Divya and Sri Annamraju

Lisa and Michael Anselmo

Cynthia and Allen Appel

Elizabeth Appleman Kaplan '97 and Michael Kaplan

Jodi Maranchie and Leonard Appleman

Eleanor Emmons-Apt and Jerome Apt '67

Ruth and J. Scott Apter '65

Elsa '10 and Andrew Armstrong '04

Marjorie and Thomas Armstrong

Lindsay and Michael Aroesty

Anju and Sandeep Arora

Nancy Jones Artz '65

Penny '86 and Dirk Asherman

Catherine and Graham Ashworth

Sarah Obringer and Mike Askew

Jennifer Asmonga

Karie and Peter Athens '82

Melissa and Omar Awais

Abigail and John Babson '91

Ann and Dennis Baglier

FS Nicolle Bagnell and J. Andrew Bagnell

Marla and Peter Bair '63

Louise and Robert Baird

Eric Baiz '73

Meera Bajwa '92

George Baker '64**

Joanne Alrubie and Sam Bakuri

Marshall Balk

Christine and Ross Balquist '84**

Juliana Balta '16

Beth and Albert Banes '65

FS Allen Bankson '66**

Robert Baraff

Jill '94 and Adam Barkin

Laurie and Martin Barkman

Lisa Avery and David Barndollar

Karl Barnebey '55

Alicia Barnes

Tingle and Richard Barnes '58**

Melinda and Eric Barnfather '87

Suzanne and Davison Bartley '75**

Cari and David Batchelar '69

Elizabeth Bates

Janet and G. Scott Baton, II '54**

Nadine and Charles Beares III '55**

Reiko and Geoffrey Becker

FS Dotty and Nick Beckwith '63**

FS G. Nicholas Beckwith IV '86

Elizabeth and John Beeson, Jr. '60

Jenna and Adam Bell '01

Leslie and Bruce Bell '74

Debra and Archie Bell**

Susan Krysiewicz and Thomas Bell '74

Suzanne L. Belles

Mary '79 and Gregory Benckart '74

Filitsa and Christopher Bender '72**

FS Paul G. Benedum, Jr. '50**

Andrea and Antonio Benitez

Bruce Benjamin '75

Victoria and Dane Benko

CFS Nan and Andy Bennett '78

CFS Christine and David Bennett III '73

Felicia and Mark Bennett

Sally Ann and William Bensur, Jr.

Frank and Malinda Berardino '66

Sherle and Michael Berger '53

Margaret and William Berger '63**

Alice and Edgar Berkey**

Glenn Berkey '85**

McKey W. and James S. Berkman '73**

Toni Seidl and Richard Berkman '64

Beth and Raymond Bernabei '65

FS Maria and James Bernier

Sam Bertenthal

Elizabeth Ross and Sangeeta Bhatia

FS Minhnoi Wroble Biglan and Albert Biglan '88

FS Barbara and Albert Biglan

FS Margaret Biglan '91

Maria and Angelo Bilbao**

Kathryn Binnie

Michelle and Aaron Bisno

Kay and G. William Bissell '56

Barbara and Allen Blackwood '50**

Charlene and Rodger Blair**

Teresa and Ryan Blair '95

Barry Blake '64

Don Blashford '72

Susan and Aron Blecher

Susan and Charles Bloom '63**

Elizabeth and Robert Blume '44

Natalie Bobek

Leslie and Edward Bockman

Leslie and Paul Bodnarchuk

Pam Boehm

Patricia Boggs**

Phyllis Guering and Willem Boichel

Nancy and Peter Bolanis '47**

Patricia and Edward Booker, Jr.**

FS Donald Borden '46**

FS Lili and Jon Bosse '76

Ifaat and Steven Bosse '75

Paula and Jeffrey Botkin '71

Mary Ann Bowman

FS Jane and Wayland Bowser '49

Jennifer '08 and Austin Bradham

Joan Bradshaw

Jennifer '94 and Andrew Braham '94

FS Kathleen and James Braham**

Kathryn Braham '87

Barbara and Jerome Braidic**

FS Kathleen and David Brand '98

Jennifer and Edward Braun '89

Cheryl Braver

Molly '94 and Justin Braver

Sarah and James Bregenser '59

Ross Brendel '07

Evan Brennan '99

George Brennen, Jr. '52**

Courtney Hershey Bress '92

Penny A. and Daniel E. Brill

Rebecca B. and Thomas J. Briney '68

Karen and Robert Brinker

FS Anne and Frederick Broad

Jeffrey Broad '08

Katharine and Harold Brody**

Deborah and Randal Broker

Lois Bron

Patrick Brown '10

FS Nancy G. Brownell

Edward and Janice Brozek

Rebecca and Matthew Brunner

Marilyn and Howard Bruschi

FS Alison and Bart Brush '93

Maggie and Jim Brush

Maria '89 and John Bryan

Mary Beth and Thomas G. Buchanan '79

Lisa and Jonathan Budd

Bergita and Nenad Bugarija

Maryann and Gary Bunje

Jill and David Buran

A. H. Burchfield III '49

Wendy and Peter Burchfield '77

Carole King and Charles Burke '79

Patricia Burke

FS Diane and Scott Burr

FS Mary Jane Burry

FS Virginia Burry

Dr. and Mrs. John Bush

Sally and Charles Calabrese

Charles Calabrese '14

Rosemarie and Frank Calandra

FS Karl A. Calandra '95

Jenni and Marty Calihan '82

Alexandra Cameron '09

Lois and Richard Cameron '67

Bryan Campbell '58

FS Linda and Thomas Cangiano

FS Louise and David Cannon Jr. '69**

Gilbert and Vanessa Cannon

Erin Caplan '12

M. Timothy Carey '62

J. Stanton Carson '59

Carol Demmler Carty '81 and Michael Carty

CFS Gloria and Donald Casey

FS Slo and Michael Casey '70

Sarah Casey '03

CFS Patty and Sean Casey '84

FS Stephen and Helen Hanna Casey

Sarah E. Castleman

Sarah Catmur '07

Raymond Celli '67

Andrea Cespedes

Joyce and Richard Chalfant '64**

Margaret Craig-Chang and Gary Chang '71

Sarah and J.E. Chapoton

Pamela and Bennett Chapple III '55

Megan and Adam Chasin

Sherry and Ruoxi Chen '01

Jaymie and Michael Chernoff '63**

Shelley and John Chesley '74

Mr. and Mrs. John Chieffa

Miya Asato and George Childs '83

Tracy DeLozier and Stephen Choi '87

Alice Chong '95

Devon Chosky '12

Jennifer and David Chottiner '98

FS Laurie Harrold and Edward Chu

Eugene Chwerchak '61

Denise and Thomas Chybrzynski, Sr.

Susan and Alan Citron

Valerie and Jeff Clark

Andrew Clarkson '84**

Andrea and William Clarkson, Jr. '61

Cynthia and Guy Cleborne '74

Jonathan Cleborne

CFS Mary and Jay Cleveland

Sandy and Jay W. Cleveland, Sr.

Andrea Boyar and John Clever, Jr. '68

Olivia Cochran '14

CFS Christina and Robert Cochran

Bradley Cohen '93

Susan and Daniel Cohen '85

Cynthia and Michael Cohen '74**

FS Nancy and Steven Cohen '79

Amy Colbert '85

Jung and Yong Colen

Joel Colker '53

Elizabeth Collins '87

Ann and William Collins '55**

Sheila and Bill Colombo

Alexandra Compare '97

Elizabeth and Michael Concordia

Rita and Aims C. Coney, Jr. '47**

Aims C. Coney III '72**

Jean Connelly

Suzanne and William Conner '50

Alexa Conomikes '17

FS Kara '87 and Dean Conomikes

Margaret Conver

Barbara and James Cook, Jr. '50**

FS Dr. Valire Carr Copeland

Josephine and Thomas Cosgrove '42

FS Nicole and Nicholas Coslov '92

Therese Costa

Jean and Nathan Cotter

FS Catherine and Curt Coulter

Mary and Peter Counihan

Laurie Kilkenny and Robert Cox

Shelly and Daniel Coyne

Karen Craig Brubaker '86 and Kevin Brubaker

Michelle and George Cramer '67

Susan Cramer**

Mary Ann and Jay Crane '56**

James J. Crisanti '81

Rose and Vincent Crisanti

FS Bethany and Roland Criswell '95

Maribea Crosby

Eileen and David Cunningham

Teresa and Lee Cunningham II '82

Judith and Robert Cunningham

Jennifer Curran

Diane and John Curry

Christine Czapleski and Dr. Thomas Hohler

Susan and Chuck Czerwien

FS Luciana and Jose Pedro da Silva

Sharon and Richard Dandrea

Emmeline '05 and Christopher D'Angelo

Dorothy and Benjamin Dangerfield '40

Harris Daniels '02

FS Laura Cleveland-Datesman and Miles Datesman

Michael J. Dattilo '73

Lynn and Ronald Davenport, Jr. '81**

Wendy and Arthur David

Constantine Davides '91

Amy and Austin Davidheiser

Laurie and Phil Davidson '61**

Sloane '97 and Taylor Davidson

Julie and Jeffrey Davies

Helen and Lawrence Davies

FS Brian H. Davis '69

Craig Davis '90

Candy and Gary Davis

Ann and George Davis '56**

FS Mary and John P. Davis, Jr. '42**

FS Richard G. Davis '53**

Sallie Belle Davis '76 and Joseph Welch

Bernadette and Edward Davison III '53**

Brian Dawson '79

Colleen and Jason DeChancie

Erica Kar '92 and William Delfyett

Crosby Deliman '17

Sara and Dean DeLuca '02

FS Debra and William Demchak

Jackie and Jake Demetris

John Demmler '50**

Richard H. Demmler '78

Reverend John D. Dennis '55

Laura and Timothy Derdenger

Dominique DeRubeis '14

Mary and Thomas DeRubeis

FS Angela '02 and Michael DeVanney

Colleen and Philip Devorris

FS Patrice and Edward Diamond III '69

Cassandra Dickson '14

Chelsea Dickson '11

Barb and Thomas Dickson

Jeanette and Mark Dietrichs

Ann and Hal Dietrick

Karen and Michael DiFiore

Charles Dill '82

FS James Dinkey '55*

Kimberly Disbrow

Michelle and Frank Domeisen

Natalie K. Domeisen '11

Maria and Daniel Donahue

Regina and James Donahue

Constance Donnelly

Maribeth and Harry Donnelly II '74

Susan and Roy Dorrance III '63

Jane and James Doutt '58

Michael Doyle

Julia and Kevin Draper '02

Kathy and Lee Draper**

Louisa and Matthew Draper '99

Marie and Speros Drelles**

Loretta and Thomas Drelles '76**

Benjamin Driver

Monica and Aashish Dua

James Duffy

Helen '74 and J. Eric Durfee

Suzanne and Court Dwyer '65

Amanda Barlow and David Easler '85

Roseanne '84 and Richard Easler '81**

Patrice Heller and Michael Ecker '76

Sarah and Kevin Eddy

Melinda and James Edwards '74

Delia and David Egan '74

FS Anne and George Egan '78**

FS Lisa and J. Murray Egan '44

Connie and James Egan '77

Robert Egan '48* **

William Egan

Sage Eisengart

Elizabeth and William Eisinger '55**

Sheila and William Eismont '84

Marty and Paul Elkins

Peter Ellis '77**

FS Stacy Ellis

Martha Hunter and M. Michael Elmer

Arden Emery '57**

Christine Encelewski

Eileen and Robert Eng

FS Annie and F. August Engel

Betty and Arthur Evans, Jr. '50

Pamela and Christopher Evans

FS David Evans '63

Sheila Evensen

Mimi Fairman '82

Nancy and Danforth Fales

Ellen Surloff and Charles Falk

Christine Nettle and Jack Fallat '65**

Heather and James Fani

Julie and Joshua Farber '98

FS Kathleen Dorritie and Antonio Fargiano

FS Laura and David Farner

Kristen and Michael Farrell

Gianna Fazioli

Molly and Aaron Fedarko '84

FS Pamela and Richard Feinstein '70

Adriane and Joseph Felder**

Sara and James Feldman '51**

R. Helen Ference, Ph.D., RN

Kimberly Roberts and Stanley Ference '82

Ann and Herbert Ferguson '50

FS Lana and Richard Ferguson '60

FS Laura and Robert Ferguson '92

Joshua Ferraccio '08

Justin A. Ferraccio '04

Melissa and Matthew Ferrari '89

Kristen and Gregg Ficery '82

Nancy T. Field MD '76

Emily Fields

Euna and Steven Filchock

Patricia and Mark Filstrup '91

Cecelia and Gerald Fincke '55**

FS Elizabeth and Alan Finegold '60

Jack Finn '50

Mindy and Irving Firman '88

FS Diane and John Fisher

Martha and George Fisher '04

Lisa '84 and Gordon Fisher IV '79**

Linda C. Fisher

Darlene and Matthew Fisher '95

Patrick Fisher '03

Grant Fitzgerald '07

Sarah '82 and Tom Flanagan

FS Barbara and Harry Fleishman**

Geof Follansbee '70**

Lake and Mandy Fong

Louise and Philip Ford

Dr. George N. Forker '52

Hulya Ayse and Howard Foster '63**

Isabel and Lee Foster, II '65

Abigail and Michael Foster '87

Siobhan and Barry Foster '85

Jean and Frederick Fraley, III '50

Michael Frank '67

Samantha and Lucas Frankel

Judy and Richard Franken '46

Mara and Gregg Franklin '81

Jennifer '88 and Anthony Frascella

CFS Patricia and Kenneth Frederick '72

FS Susan and David French '85

Judith and John Friday, Jr. '46**

Eugenia and Robert Friedlander

Anne L. Fruehauf Kelly and Richard L. Fruehauf '85

Evan Frye '05

Gail and Kenneth Fryncko

Joyce Fu '99 and Chad Martin '98

CFS Frank Fuhrer III

Laura and Chad Fularz

Camille and Javona Fuller

Diane and Richard Gable

Jennifer and William Gabler

FS Anne L. Gailliot '94

Jocelyn and Charles Gailliot '96

Sarah and Peter Gailliot '98

Jan and Sanford Galanty

Phyllis Gansz-Greene**

Francine and William Gardiner

Kara Gardner

Kenneth Gardner '45

A. Marilyn Leitch and Ben Garrett '70

Elizabeth Garvey

FS Deborah and James Genstein '84

FS Amie and Bryan Gentile '92

FS Karen and Gregory Gerlach '80

FS Sally and Pat Getty '63**

Molly and William Getty, Jr. '97

FS Denise and Jay Giacco '77

Donna and Timothy Giel

Andrew Gilbert '04

Susan and Mallory Gilbert

Ellen and Lawrence Gilberti '68

Lauren Gilchrist '03

Elizabeth Gill '81

Ellen M. '83 and James Gillespie

Christine S. and Thomas J. Gillespie IV '68

Amanda and Daniel Gilman '00

Janet and George Gilmore '42**

Gina and James Gilmore '79

Amy and David Gilpatrick '81

Nina R. Netchi Ginocchio '78

Janice and Joseph Giorgianni

Margaret and Richard Gitomer '74

Stephanie and William Gleason

CFS Megan and Robert Glimcher

Jessica and Jack Glover

Wyatt Glover '16

Richard D. Gluck '68

Graham Gockley '07

FS Nita Rai-Gohel and Shyam Gohel

Stephanie Richards and Robert Goitz

Sherry Kring and Jennifer Gold

Sharon and James Goldberg '63

FS Julie and Peter Golden

Linda and Foster Goldman, Jr. '59**

Malcolm Goldsmith II '76

Leslie and Reed Goldsmith '69

Morton Goldstein

Etta and Herman Golomb

Stephanie Gonzales '91

Sandy and Lee Goodman

Anthony L. Goodwin

Marcy and David Gookin '73

Alice and John Gordon '60**

Winna and John Gorham

Elizabeth and Keith Gorse

Rupa and Jayesh Gosai

Sarika and Amit Goulatia

FS Sally and George R. Graham, Jr. '55* **

Meaghen and Kurtis Gramley

Cindy and Robert Grandizio

Pamela and Robert Grandizio, Jr. '91

Russell Grant

Nancy Ray Copp Graves

Amy and Kenneth Gray

Sean A. Gray '97

Joyce and James Greece

Kathryn and Chad Green

Sarah Feldman Greene '05 and Benjamin Greene

Kevin Greenslade '89

Andrew Grejda

Elizabeth and L. Geoffrey Greulich '79

Danica and Bartley P. Griffith, Jr. '93

Merris and Yram Groff

Mary Ella and Clifford Gross '81

Dodi Walker Gross

Jeffrey Gross

James Grote '12

Sandra F. Grote

FS Elizabeth '01 and Amit Grover '01

Arjun Grover '99

Carolyn Crandall and Arvind Grover '96

FS Judy and George Grune

Betsy and Ronald Grzymkowski

Mary Guering and Bruce Pyle

Brian Gumberg '01

FS Anita Courcoulas and Ira Gumberg

FS Ina and Lawrence Gumberg**

Bonne and William Gurzenda '70**

Jill Schumacher and Howard Gutstein

Sara and James Guttman '68

Alma and David Guy '66

Brooke and Clinton Guyaux

Jennie and Adam Haas

FS Cheri M. and Daniel J. Haas '84

Mary Beth and Thomas Hacke

FS Gwen and James Hackett, Jr. '61

Eve '97 and Chancey Hagerty

FS Catherine and Michael Haggerty

Adam Hahn

Carla Neal-Haley and Leon Haley '82

Sherri Hallgren and Mark Wyeth

Rachel and Brian Halpern '91

Caryl and Irving Halpern '45**

Barbara and Richard Halpern '67

FS Linda and Stephen Halpern '74

Lucy and Lewis Hamilton '56

Jihong and John Hammer '76

Nicholas Hammon

D. Patton Hannah '70**

Brendan Hannon '08

Brian Hannon '13

Conor Hannon '12

Kerry Hannon '78 and Cliff Hackel

FS Judy and Michael Hannon '74

Emily and Sean Hannon '09

FS Paula and Andrew Hanson '68

FS Diana and Samuel Harbison III '70**

FS Susan and Fred Harchelroad '74

Dana Hardy-Bingham and Tony Bingham

Scott Harlan '55

Audrey and John Harper '51

Amy and Neal Harrison '93

Dr. Anthony M. and Mrs. Rosanne I. Harrison**

Mary Lou and Edward Harrison '84

Gretchen '99 and Bradley Harrison '98

Leslie Chapman and John S. Harrison, Jr. '66

John Hassenplug '57

Mary Arn Haught '81

Yan Wang and Stephen Haust '58

David R. Hawkanson '65

Hannah Burke Hawkins '99

Laura Hazlett

Margaret Hazlett '84

Catherine '80 and Donald Heald

Beverly and Thomas Hector

Harris and Alexander Heit '04

Sharon and Eugene Helsel, Jr. '53**

Carol and Harold Hendershot

FS Christina Henderson

Wendy and Paul Henderson '86

CFS Dara and John Henne

W. Matthew Henderson '96

Mary Alice and Michael Hennessey '73

Deborah and Brian Henry '76

Claudia and J. Douglas Henry '87

Mary and John Henry

Rebecca O'Brien and Evan Hepler-Smith '02

Sarah and C. Talbot Heppenstall, Jr. '78**

Susan and Ned Heppenstall '51**

Connie and Mark Heppenstall '80

Maryanne Wiegand Hermann and Theodore Hermann

Betty Herrington

Carl W. Herrmann III '48*

Julie and Christopher Hertz

Frances Huegal and Bruce Herwald '69

Linda and Thomas Herward

Samuel Heuck '08

Ann and Philip Heymann '50

Nelson Hicks '54**

Calvin and Janet High

Rosemary and Clifton** Highman

Gwendolyn and Jeff Hilger '78**

Lisa and Steven Hilger '85**

Amy and D. Gregory Hill '66**

Holly A. Hill '92

Jacquelyn Hill**

David Hillman '71

R. Gregg Hillman '68

Jean Harwick and Barry Hirsch

Edward Hirsh '07

Mary Anne and Gregory Hirsh

Eva and James Hoe

Holly '00 and Jared Hoff

Amy and James Hoffman

FS Lisa and Richard Hoffman

Henry P. Hoffstot III '74

Lisa and Mark Hofmann '01

Emily Wanderer and Nathan Hogan

Janice and Douglas Hollaman

Coleen and John Holzinger

Kaeleen Homrich

Susan and Ted Hoopes '50**

Susan and Barry Hootman '67

John D. Houston II '59

William A. Houston, Jr. '83

Jean and William Houston '56

Linda and E. Patrick Howard '51

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson**

FS Sara and Alex Howson, Jr. '82

Catherine and Charles Hrach

Kathleen and William Hughes, Jr. '66

Charles Hulme '73

Kathy and Milton Hulme '72

Emily Yee and Gregory Hung

FS Richard and Priscilla Hunt '44

Marcia and Peter Hunter '71**

Dorothy and Sam Hutcheson

Buzz Hutchison '61**

Christian Huygen '82

Bill and Bonnie Irvin '75

Angela Irvine

Janet and Peter Irvine

Ashley Irwin

Joy '85 and Michael Irwin

Judy and Bill Isaly '49

Elena Pugacheva and Alexey Ivanov

Remington Jackson '08

Catherine '81 and Robert Jahrling

Anita Jain '12

Wanda McClain and Alan James '81

Adam Janosko

Celeste and Robert Janosko**

FS Michele and Sanjeev M. Jegasothy '90

FS Alice Jane Jenkins**

Holly and Edward Jenkins '80**

Marten R. Jenkins, Jr. '83

Laura and Walter Jenkins '84**

Edward W. Jew, Jr. '46**

Brian Jewart

Joan and Frank Joanou

Margo and Jeff Jochims

Liza John '06

Amy '85 and Scott Johnson

Roselyn and Daryl Johnson

FS Anne and Matthew Johnson

Brian Johnston

Jettie and Thomas Johnston '53

Mrs. Davis B. Jones, Jr.

Sarah D. and Craig W. Jones '65

Sandra and Davis Jones III '78

Ellen and Tom Jones

Nichole Jordan

Beverly and Timothy Jordan

William Joseph

Nicole Jyachosky

Margaret and Al Kadar

David Kamin '95

FS Angela and Jonathan Kamin '91

Lindsey and Joshua Kamin '88

Robert S. Kamin '62

Joan and Samuel P. Kamin**

Usha and Satish Kanak

Peter Kann '12

Kristine and Steven Kann '82

Caryn Fine and Robert Kanterman '83

Gary Kaplan

Lori Kaplan

Trudy and Leonard Kapner '56

FS Elaine and Richard Kappel '50*

CFS Lisa and Mark Karenchak

Laura '86 and Thomas Karet

Susan and Michael Karlson '65

Ann Kasunich '83 and Thomas Ferland**

Autumn and Joseph Katarincic '83

Amy and Gary Katz

Mary Lou and David Katz '53**

Peggy and Richard N. Katz '71

Ellen and Robert Katzen

Zachary Kaufman '96

FS David Kay '75

FS Suni and Ronald Keating

Lisa and David Keefer

Caroline and Michael Keigher '81

Elaine Keim

Jennifer Keller

Anne '84 and Mark Kelley

FS Karen D. and Joseph L. Kelley III

Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner '63

FS Claudia and Kevin Kelly '73

Joseph Kengor '68

Lisa and Daniel Kennedy '84

George C. Kennedy, Jr. '51**

Mary and Craig Kerins '63**

Arthur Kerr '48

Ellen and Jack Kessler

Suzanne '89 and James Khalil

Gagan S. Khera '94

Amy and Sunghoon Kim

Sang Lee and Hak-Jin Kim

Nancy Kim Hewlett '81 and Charles Hewlett

Matthew S. Kimerer '80**

Caroline '90 and Christopher King

Mary and Carey Kirk '60

Susan and Robert Kirkpatrick

Robert Kirkpatrick '56

Pamela Kivitz

Suzanne and Scott A. Klages '78**

Henry J. R. V. Klein '11

Joshua Klein '03

Julie E. Klein '05

Lillian Klein '14

Virginia '74 and Paul Kleist

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Kline

Susannah and Jake Klinvex '05

Jacqueline and Kevin Klinvex

Kathleen and David Knechtel

James Knox

Ann and Reginald Koehler III '50

Jody and Aaron Kokladas

CFS Brigette Pavlik and William Kolano

CFS Justine and Curtis Kossman

Lindsay Kovach

FS Penny and John Kramer '57**

Victoria and Mark Kramer '96

Mary and Richard Krauland

Leanne and George Kreis '80**

Lisa Krieg

Allison and Jeffrey Krieger '73

FS Karl Krieger '49**

Smita Basak and Harsha Krishnappa '90

Alicia Krzton '02 and Bryan Gentry

Ira F. Kuhn, Jr. '55**

Coralee and Loughrey Kuhn '63

Jamie Kurke '11

Natalie Robbins and Carl Kurlander '78

Lauren '96 and Jason Kushner '89

Kutz-Flamenbaum Family

James Kyne '77

Patricia and Lance Labun '66**

FS Linda M. LaMagna '83

Yunwha and Richard LaMagna '66

Paula Jernigan and Andrew Laman

FS Pat and Mark Landay '75

Susan Short and John Landreth

FS Mollie '99 and Thomas Lang

Christine Langston '02 and Christopher Lang

J. Sandra Lashway

Marilyn and Earl Latterman

Kelly Casey Latterman '10

Sophie and Peter Lau

Karen and Harrison Lauer

Susan and Marc Laufe

Marlene and J. Richard Lauver

Benjamin Lawsky '88

James M. Lawther '41

Lazzaris Family

Daniel Leapman '15

LeeAnn and Mark Leapman

Tamika and Harold Leavy

Sandra and John Leavy

Loralee and Raymond LeBoeuf

Nan Levinson and Alan Lebowitz '52

FS Sharon and J. Stephen Lee '77**

FS Mary Beth and Christopher Leech

Carrie Casey Leemhuis '80 and William Leemhuis

Mara Leff '07

FS Nancy and Stanley Lehman

Carol and Joseph Lehmann '58

Margaret and A. Barry Leonard '54

Orville H. Lerch

Craig Leslie '87

Adam Levine '05

David Levinson '02

FS Tracy '84 and Jon Levy '79**

Miri and Oded Levy

Shirley K. Lewellen

FS Anne Lewis

Maxine and Fraser Lewis '52

Jan Lhormer '79

Brenda and Marc Lhormer '78

Kaihua Xiu and Chengliu Li

FS Hua Yun and Wei Li

FS Baohong Wang and Baojun Liang

FS Michele E. Lieber '86

FS Sissy and Bill Lieberman '65

Anna Catone '88 and David Liebmann

FS Simone and Gregory Lignelli

Roma and Avinash Linganna '94

Marian Linton

Ninka and Gregory Lippard '86

Susan and Thomas Lippard**

Kristin and Shawn Litster

Cheryl and Robert Little**

Lisa Kwok and Jack Liu

Shangchun Ding and Tingbin Liu

Tiana Zhang and Vincent Liu

Loretta and Louis Lobes, Jr.

FS Helena Appleton and David Lott '61*

Wendy and Jeffrey Lott '65

Candy and Patrick Loughney '67

Mary and Joseph Loughran

Patrick Loughran '15

Jill Marie and Charles Love '74

FS Jin Sun and Xiaofeng Lu

Christine and James D. Luketich

Lacey '97 and Brendan Lupetin '96

Kathleen and F. Clark Lydic, Jr. '65**

Lila and Phillip Lynch, Jr. '63

Remmi and Richard Lyon '69

FS Ramsey and Michael Lyons

FS Chunhua Park and Yuntao Ma

Amy E. MacDonald '79

Aimee and Nicholas Macpherson '05

Camille and Sloan MacRae

Jamie H. and George J. Magovern, Jr. '70

Heidi and Daniel Magrish

Natalie Maida '01 and Thomas McKeon

Scott Majesky '09

Silva Arslanian and Michel Makaroun

Renee '01 and Sami Makaroun '01

Mary and John Mall

Bernard Mallinger

Christy and Robert Maloney '64

Robert Mallinger '97

FS Donna and Fred Malvin '50**

Bridget and David A. Mancosh, Jr. '70

FS Kathy and Douglas G. Mancosh '76**

Pallavi Mandiga '02

FS Lanyun Xu and Wei Mao

FS John D. Margolis '59**

Isobel and William Marks '60**

Judith and Donald Markstein '44**

FS Carole and William E. Markus '56

FS Margaret and John Marous '77

John Marous '08

Lucine Marous

Margaret and Matthew Marquette

Marilyn and Joseph Martens

FS Amy '87 and Lee Martin

Dana and Craig Martin '71

Christine and Louis Martone '62**

Myrna and Mark E. Mason

Skylor and Bruce Massie

Linda and Jeffrey Mates '70

FS Ann and Andy Mathieson '74**

Helen Mathieson

Peter Mathieson '79**

Renée Mathur

Pamela and John Matia

FS Margot Matouk

Pamela '76 and Francis Matt

Debra and Kenneth Mauder

Kathleen and William Mausteller

Bonnie K. Maxwell

Grant May '06

Lois and Thomas Mayer '57

Justin Mazur '93**

Jane and Pressly H. McCance, Jr. '51

Barbara McCardle

Patricia and Jeffrey McCarroll

Bonnie and Frank McCarthy III

Judith and Kevin McCarthy '73

Robert C. McCarthy, Jr. '71

Emilia and Sean McCarthy '65

Diana B. McClay

Barbara and John McClay III '78

Joseph McClinton '66

FS Page and James McConnel '92

Kambra B. McConnel '92

Ellen M. McConnell Sanderson

Todd McConnell

Tron McConnell '71**

Tricia and James McCormick

Sylvia T. and William F. McCrady III '67

Yvonne and John W. McCredie '58

David McCreery '67

FS Rosalee and David McCullough '51

Rachel and James McCune '67

Julie Goetz and Jeffrey McDaniel '88

Linda McDonald

Marego and John McDyer

Mary Elizabeth and Jack McElravey '50

Victoria and Alicia McGinnis

Krissy McGoran

FS Rebecca F. and W. T. McGough, Jr. '71**

Dianne S. and John B. McGowan '64**

Carol-Jean McGreevy-Morales and Jorge Morales**

Timothy McGuigan

FS Erica and Jeff McIlroy '86

Sandy and Brian McInerney

Rita A. and John R. McKee V '51**

Karen McKee

Daniel K. McKeon '63

Margaret and David McKeown

Alexandra and Brian McKim

FS Mary McKinney Flaherty '98 and Mark Flaherty

FS Patsy and J. Donald McKinney**

Peggy and Steve McKnight '70

FS Nora and Aloysius McLaughlin III '84

Caitlin McLaughlin

Susie and J. Brendan McLaughlin '86**

FS Barbara '89 and Rodrick McMahon '87

William McMahon '16

Meghan McNally '96

Carol and Richard McQuigg

Melissa M. McSwigan '87**

Nancy and Mark Medina

FS Ginny Bloom and Chetan Mehta '96

David Mendelson '56**

Lauren and Michael Messner

Ann R. and Richard B. Meyer '63**

Penny P. and William A. Meyer, Jr. '57

Linda and Steven Michaux

FS Teran Mickens '14

FS Tevin Mickens '14

FS Velvet Mickens

Katie '83 and Frank Mihm**

Anne Miller '77

Dale and George Miller '62

Karin and Jeffrey Miller

Donna and John C. Miller, Jr. '71**

Jonathan E. Miller '72**

Leonard Miller '87

Michelle '98 and Andrew Miller

Janet Mills-Mendham

Abbie Minard '16

Diane and Jeffrey Minard

Casey Mindlin '06

Derek Minno '77

Cynthia and Ralph Mino

James Minteer '57

Deborah Appelbaum and Edward Mitre '87

Sarah and William Mocker

Ruth Ann Modic**

FS Deborah Sze and Stephen Modzelewski '76**

Kelly Moffett '07

FS Miroya Monsour '77 and Merrill Stabile

Leigh and Sean Montgomery '92

Abigail and Joshua Mooney '81

Laurin and Nevin Moore

Jean and Frank Morgan '71

Bonnie and Edward Morris

Melissa and Hunter Morris

Zachary K. Morris '91

Florence and J. Elliot Morrison '47

Cordelia Robinson and Grant Morrow '51

J. Robert Morrow '38

Christine and Gary Morton

Paul Moses '84

Steven Mosites, Jr.

Miriam and Todd Moules

Sophia and Andre Moura '99

Maria Manuela Velosa and Jose M. F. Moura

Carol and Ryan Mulderig

Jeanne V. and Scotti Mulert '46

Mauren and John Mullen

Carol and H. Nicholas Muller III '56**

Susan and John Mullin '62

FS Brooke and Robert Mullin '93

Pauline and Brian Mullins '59

Oliver Mullins '71

Mulvihill Family

Craig Murphy '74

Margaret W. and John C. Murray '68

Marisa Muscari '01

Nancy and Albert Muse '54

Jennifer and James Muse

John K. Musgrave IV '84

Sharon and Clark Mycoff '67

Lindsey Myers

Craig Nalen

FS Priya and Pradeep Narayan

Thomas I. Nary, M.D. '64

Brody Nasse '04

Robert Nassif

Navid Family

Norman Nedde '51

John Neely '63

Kennedy and Gordon Nelson '70

Marisa and Peter Nero

Nancy-Rose Netchi '81

Lisa and Stanley Nevola

Susan Morris and S. P. "Chip" Newell '64

Sharon and Bruce Newmaster

Thanh Hoa and Khanh Nguyen

Ernst Nickel '55

Jennifer and Craig Niemann '87

Kristine W. and Lawrence B. Niemann '55**

Amy Nixon

FS Marne Obernauer, Jr. '61**

Maureen O'Brien

Tara O'Brien

FS Kathleen and Thomas O'Brien

Frances '79 and Desmond O'Connor

Laurel Slaughter Odelein

Kyle O'Donovan '07

Margaret and Larry Oleson

Johanna and David L. O'Loughlin

John S. O'Malley '95

Heidi and Edward Ondek

Pamela and Trevor Onest

Jonathan Orie '00

Josephine and Frank Osborn '64

Abraham Oseroff, Jr. '54**

Diane Oshnock

FS John S. Osterweis '60

FS Donna R. and John G. Osthaus '59**

Brittany Pack

Lisa and Kevin Page

Carey and Ethan Palenchar

Wendy Pangburn

Catherine Parham

Linda and William Parker

Susan and John Parran '79**

Leslie and Richard Parran '75

C. Ward Parshall '59

Amy and Andrew Paterson

Deborah and David Patterson

Forrest B. Patterson, Jr. '83

FS Nicole J. Patterson

FS Lurline Pavlovich

Kim and Thomas Pears IV '64

Carie and Gene Pecci

FS Susan and Gregg Perelman

James M. Perrin '60

Emily Perrone '02

Rosemary and Frank Perrone

Dyane Person**

Louise and Nelson Person '81

Daniel Peterson '12

Martha '79 and Paul Peterson

Tiffanee and Scott Peterson

Melissa Petitto

FS Charles & Jan Petredis Family

Christian Petredis '09

Betsy and Nicholas Petrelli '05

Susan Pettler

Linda and Guy Philips

Claire Pilarski

Scott Pipitone

Florence Pippin

Mary Pivirotto

Jennifer J. McClellan and Richard R. Pivirotto, Jr. '73

FS Lori and Louis Plung '80**

Michael Pohl '13

Kaya and Mickey Pohl

Carol and Thomas Pohl '96

Jeffrey Pollock '80

Donna Ponzi

Kate and Monty Pooley

Carol and David Porter '81

Jill and Mark Portland

FS Henry Posner III '73**

FS Susan Wharfe and John Pottenger '67

Leah Powers

Janet and Robert Powers '68

Meredith and Kelly Price

Norma and Chris Price

Marianne and Keith Purnell

FS Leslie and David Puth '74

FS Mira F. Courpas and Jonathan C. Puth '76**

Melissa and Peter Rackoff '97

FS Nancy and Bill Rackoff '67

Elizabeth and Esteban Rakela '96

Dr. Michelle D. Brot and Dr. Douglas S. Ramsay '75

Alexis Leah Randall

Brenda and John Raphael

Christina Rath '07

David Rattner '82

Jonah Rattner '12

FS The Rattner Family

Nathaniel H. Rattner '11

Heather and Richard Rattner '80**

Rose Rattner '16

Beth and Steven Rattner '78

Susan and Stuart Rattner '86

FS Richard E. Rauh '58

Elizabeth Smith and Bayard Rea '47**

FS Alexa Recchi

Katherine and Albert Reed

Colleen '03 and Matthew Reed

Andrea Ehrenreich-Regan and Michael Regan

Joan and James Reich**

Jay S. Reich, Jr. '66

Karen and Thomas Reinecke

Betty and Joseph Reineman '51

Walter Reineman '77

FS F. Carl Reinhardt '55

Tobie Stanger and J. James Reisler '76

Meredith Armstrong Repetto '01 and Richard Repetto

Richard C. Repp '53**

Linda and Robert Reuter '81**

Dawn and John Rhee

Martha A. and William S. Rial III '64

Cara Satterwhite and Timothy Rice

Bonnie and Walter Rice '55

Karen and Donald Rich

Abigail and James Rich, Jr. '65**

Kevin Rich '04

JoAnne and James D. Richardson '58

Charles W. Ridinger III '46**

John Rieck '77

Debra and David Ries

Jennifer Riscili

FS Lucretia Adymy Risoleo and Robert Risoleo '76

Erica and Eric Roberts

Stephen Robinson '69**

Sharon and William Robinson III '59

Pamela and J. William Rodman '72

Philip C. Rogers '67

FS Sharon and James Rohr, Sr.

FS Shannon and James Rohr, Jr. '92

Giraldina Trevejo and Helbert Rondon

Daniel Rooney '08

Rachel and David Roscow '86

Catherine and Jonathan Roscow '87

Neil Rosen

Brooke and Woody Rosenbach '78

FS Jacqueline and Colin Rosenberg

Dai Rosenblum '70

Nadine and Edward Rosenthal

CFS Benjamin Ross '10

CFS Karen '83 and Tony Ross '74

David M. Rost '60

FS Charlotte and Robert Rost '56

D. Richard Rothman '57

Jennifer and Jeffrey Roupe

FS Fran and Philip Rouse '64**

Christina Reed Rowan

Matthew Rubin '03

Sallly and Edmund Ruffin '52

William Runge '80

Alice and Pete Runnette '52

Margaret Runnette

Martha Runnette '87

FS Ryan S. Ruskin '86

Susan Clay Russell

Jane and James Rust '63

Shirley B. and S. Murray Rust III '57**

Aimee Kimball-Ruttenberg and Blake Ruttenberg '89

Nicole and Lance Ruttenberg '86

Abby and Reid Ruttenberg '54

Andrea R. Ryan

Shawna and John Saaty '86

Anna Sabo '09

Patricia and Paul Sabo

Fern and Joseph Safier '68**

FS Dr. and Mrs. E. Ronald Salvitti

Michaela and John Salvitti '84

Marina Samad '12

FS Lisa and Ozzy Samad

Karen and David Sandora

Flora and Gilmore Sanes, Jr. '62

Godelieve Sannen and Lawrence Wieman

Allison Saras

Savreet and Inderpal Sarkaria

Molly and Ferd Sauereisen

Rene and Eric Sauereisen '81

Todd Saulle

Linna B. and Glenn B. Sawicki

Barbara and Jonathan Saxton '72

Helen and DuWayne Sayles '68

Barbara and Timothy Sayles '85

FS Sara and David Scaife

Jazmine Scales

Lisa Scales '78

James Scalo Family

Donald Scharfe '57

FS Holly and Edwin Scheetz III '83

FS Theresa and Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr. '50**

Alexander Schempf

Marie Malasavage and David Scherbarth

Ann Gibbons and William L. Scherlis

Sarah Schifino '02

Charlene and Gerald Schiller

Maribeth and Mark Schmidt

Kate and Tom Schmitt '61**

Carol Schneider

Ethan Schneider '09

FS Stefi Kirschner and Gilbert Schneider

Sarah and Augustus Schroeder '87

FS Joliane Schroeder

Beth Graham and William Schulz '67

Jennifer and Christopher Schurman

Emily Medine and Michael Schwartz

Shannon and Christian Sciulli

Emily and David Scott '05

Jamie '98 and James Scott

Christine and Alex Scott

Carla and Nic Secomandi

Olivia Seecof '10

Anita and Edward Seifert '56

Amy and Erik H. Selz '86

Michelle Semins '97 and Andrew Hawk

Deborah Shapira '88

Scott and Jeanne Shaunessy '85

FS Lisa Simone and Paul Shea '79**

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Edward Sheerer '09

Jane Sheerer '14

Joseph Sheerer '17

Katherine Sheerer '07

Madeline W. Sheerer '11

William S. Sheers '67

Andrew Shenkan '80

Katherine and Patrick Sheridan '03

Suzanne and Alexander Sherrard III '75

Erin and Ryoichi Shiono '84

Hon. Jacqueline O. Shogan

G. D. Shrum, Jr. '55

Angela and Michael Shullo

Thomas Siciliano '66

Joan Sieber**

John R. Sieber '44

Carli Siger '03 and Scott Backus

Edward Silberman '06

Ann and Eli Silk '97

Bruce H. Silverblatt '74

James H. Silverblatt '76

James D. Silverman '69**

Pamela Ebner Simard and Kevin Simard

Mary E. Pohl Simasek '97

Richard Simon '39

Robin and Steven Simon

Sue Ann and Jack Singer '61

FS Laurie and Paul Singer

Kenric Sissingh '86

Johanna Smith Sistek '78

Thomas Skarbek '63

Christopher Skelly '67

Karen and Timothy Slevin '78

Christina and Devon Sloane

David Slonaker '69

Anne and Timothy Smelzer '54**

John B. Smiley '45**

John R. Smiley '66

Barbara "Bobbie" Martha Smith

Carter Smith '44

FS Marcy and Hunter Smith '86

Melanie and Kyle Smith

FS Kim and Shawn Smith '70

Courtney '99 and Vance Smith '98

Nicholas Snyder '75

Philip Soeder '08

Donna and Thomas N. Southard

Jill and David Spear '84

Andrea and Douglas Spear '91

Sheryl Wein and Jeffrey Spear '82

Jonathan Spero '06

Joan and Phillip Spiegelman '48

FS Julie and Paul Spiker

Ellen and Carl Srodes '59

Henry Stafford

FS Carrie and Tim Stanny '63**

Kathryn Stanton

Cathleen and Thomas Stanton

Jennifer and T. Blake Stanton '96

Karl Stark '76

Page and David Steele '55

Marci and Adam Steiner '87**

David Steiner '12

Sarah Steinfeld '02

Janet S. and Jerry L. Stephenson '64**

Daniel J. Stern

Michael Stern '06

FS Susan R. and George L. Stewart II '81

Leslie and Craig Stiffler '83

Tamara and Mark Stiffler '81

Jo Ann and Robert B. Stiffler**

Lester Stine

Olivia Stokes '15

Sharon and R. Fraser Stokes III '80**

Donald Stone '55

Amy and David Strano

Mona and Edwin Strassburger '64**

Phyllis Kitzerow and Gene Strassburger '61**

Erika and Jordan Strassburger '97

Anne and Edward Strauss III '68**

Erica '89 and Aaron Strauss '91

Jean and Charles Streiff

Ann and Michael Strem '54**

Robert Strohm '13

FS Alan Stuckeman '62**

Denyse and William Sturgeon III '71**

Bethany and Augustus Succop III '71

James W. Succop '96

Nathan S. Succop '99

Jo Ann and Thomas C. Succop '54

FS Wen Zhu and Min Sun

Janet and Scott Sutton

Hillary Stroud and John Sutula

Allyson and John Sveda

Irene and John Swacus

Christine Swaney

Amy and David Szlachetka

Mary Jean Tabacchi

Jennifer and Carl Tabacjar, Jr. '77**

Mary Jane and Carl S. Tabacjar, Sr.**

FS Nancy and Saad Tabbara

Mary and John Tadler '81

Judie and Alan Tapper '57

Erin and Carmen Tarasi

Rocco Tarasi II '64

Natalie and Christopher Taylor

Ronald and Gail Taylor

Allyn and John Taylor '64

Madison Taylor '14

FS Sandra Sauereisen '84 and Mark Taylor**

Maria and Nicholas Terezis '87

Barbara Pippin Thai '83 and Ngoc Thai

Judith and Johnson Thistle '57

Kristi and Andrew Thompson '86

FS Betsy and Michael Thompson '85

Robert Thompson '40

Stefanie Westphal Thompson

Virginia and Dick Thornburgh

Sharon and John Thornburgh '75

Julie Thornton and Douglas Childers

Grace and Andrew Thurston

FS Allison '93 and Paul Tiernan

John H. Tippins '78

Karen and William Tippins '81

Rebecca Tisherman '09

Susan Dunmire and Samuel Tisherman '77

William Titelman '64

FS Barbara Todd

Charles Todd '60

FS Ann and Jeffrey Todd '85**

Jamee and Thomas Todd '60

FS Wendy and Spencer Todd '89

Denise and Paul Tomasovic

Dori and Ladislau Tompa

Becky and Herbert Torbin

Shirley and Stephen Townsend '49

Aimee Trabold

Amy and Christopher Treese '74

William S. Treese, Sr. '54

Robin and Dan Trellis

Renee and Richard Trice

FS Lauren '85 and Jeffrey Troutman**

Blair Trunzo

Anthony W. Turner '50

Sean and James Turner IV '71

Thomas Tyson '66

FS Patricia and Paul Uhlman

Leanne Rosso and Mauricio Ulloa

Courtney '96 and David Vadnais

Mary Van Buskirk

David S. Van der Voort '60

FS Hannah and Neil Y. Van Horn '55

Gudrun De Maeyer and Kelly VandenBosche

FS Laura Cyr and Jeffrey Varadi '66**

James E. Vaux, Jr. '49**

Madhuri and Hari Vemulapalli

Krista Long and Nathan Verbanets

E. Kenneth Vey

Andrew Viehe '09

Michaileen and David Vilsack '65**

Catherine Vodrey '81

Susan and William Vodrey '83**

Lisa A. Nestor and Michael Vogan '76

David Vogt '67

John R. Voigt '48

Rita and Robert Volkmann '63

Megan and Bryan Vrcic

FS Virginia Balderston and Theodore Vuchinich

FS Catherine and Frederick Waddell '71**

Jennifer and Joseph Wagner '80**

Judith and Gary Walk '70**

Carol and Daniel Walker

Maj (Ret) Richard and Jamie Walker '79

FS Henry J. Wallace, Jr. '61

Janie and Marc Wallace

FS Suzanne and William Wallace '66

FS Diane and Charles Walsh '00

Sheri and Donald Walsh

Sarah and Kevin Walsh

Sara and Lawrence Walsh, Sr. '89

FS Cheryl and Michael Walsh

James Walton '65

Katharine and Dean Wanderer '63

Jin Wang

FS Yuan Jiang and Zeyu Wang

Christopher Ward '96

Louise and B. E. (Jack) Warden '50**

CFS Tracy and Charles Warden

Sally and James Warden '55

William Warrick '58

Betsy and Charles Watkins**

Julie and Henry Watson IV '02

Comly and Edmond Watters

FS Britton P. Wean '02

FS Susanne and John Wean**

FS Tyler F. Wean '96

Jacqueline Weaver

Josephine Ann and James Wechsler '58

Phyllis and Lawrence Wechsler '70

Emily '08 and Daniel Weimer

John Weiner '57

Maxwell Weirth-Schneider '04

Joseph Weis '78

Robin and Scott Weisman '89

Eric Weiss '06

Marie Norman and Matt Weiss

Roberta Weiss

Jodi L. and Richard T. Wentley, Jr. '76

James P. Werbaneth '79

Anne '96 and F. Shevey Westbrook

Robin and Graham Westerberg '93**

Tia '94 and Charlie Whinery

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

Katherine Havens Whitten '89

FS Barbara and Bruce Wiegand '65

Laura and Bob Wiegand '86

Leni and George Wilcox '66

Mary Peterson-Wilkins and Mark Wilkins '82

Judi Williams

Kelsey Williams

Johnine Williamson '97

Bruce Wilson '54

Timothy Winner

Martha Heller and Jeffrey Winokur '69

Elizabeth and Andrew Winson '83

Denise and William Winterburn

Sarah and Vernon Wise, Jr. '47**

Mary Beth and John Wishart '67

Denise and John Wizzard

Sarah and Frederick Woelfel '04

Daniel Wolf '07

FS Nancy and James Wolf '70**

FS Martha and John Wolf, Jr. '64**

Sally and Craig Wolfanger

Corby Wolfe '16

Jacquelyn and Timothy Wolfe

Lindy and Anthony Wolk '53

Marcia and Dennis Wolk

Kathy and James Woll

Diana and David Wood

Kelli and Ivor Wood

FS Sarah and Robert Woodings, III '85

Paul Woodruff '61

Jennifer Collins Wootton '83

FS Carolyn and V. Thomas Worrall III**

FS Wendy and Tommy Worrall '87

FS Ashley and Andrew Wozniak

Lillian Wu '87

Xiaoli Dong and Yunfa Wu

Josh Wymard and Erin Mullan '85

Songrong Ren and Wen Xie

Wei Wu and Eric Xing

Xiaoxia Xu and Larry Tanner

Christine and David Yaccino '86

FS Yan Xiong and Jun Yang

Jennifer Yates '02

Maria and Ivan Yotov

Susan and David Young '63

Nancy and Peter Young '63

FS Suzan Obagi and Mazen Youssef

Shuhui Wang and Adam Yuan

FS Claire Conaway and Matthew Zack

Amy and Lawrence Zana

Yan Zhao and Peng Zhang

Jun Yang and Youtao Zhang

Margaret and John Zimmerman, Jr. '54**

FS Jonathan Zittrain '87

Sueanne and Enzo Zoratto

FS Bella and Paul Zugates '66

Paula and Michael Zunder

* Deceased | ** 20+ Year Donor
CFS Corporate Founders Society Member | FS Founders Society Member

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