The dedication and generosity of the alumni, current and past parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, friends, foundations and corporations listed in this report is truly exemplary.

Every donor listed in this report has helped to open the doors to a lifetime of opportunities for Shady Side Academy students, inspiring them to explore, engage and excel in academics, arts, athletics – and life.

Your support helps Shady Side Academy to cultivate a love of learning, open minds to new ideas and inspire growth and leadership in our students.

Thank you!

The tradition of philanthropic support at Shady Side Academy grew even further this past year, with collective gifts to the Academy totaling more than $6 million.

From annual gifts and corporate gifts that support our financial aid program, to campaign endowment and science support that helps to perpetuate our programs, this report lists the names of the 1,700 donors who have invested in the future of our students and continue to help Shady Side Academy sustain its mission.

Annual Report of Gifts

Blue & Gold Fund: $1,458,662

EITC: $473,795

Restricted, Campaign-Endowment and Campaign-Science: $4,520,151

Total Gifts: $6,452,608

snapshot of donor engagement