The Campaign for Shady Side

Today we’re preparing for our next great phase as an Academy. Our vision is grounded in the unique possibilities of this moment in our city and world. We thank our donors to the Campaign for Shady Side in the 2015-2016 academic school year as their generous support will:

  • Create the McIlroy Center for Science and Innovation – a new home for discovery and inquiry on our campus, at the heart of Pittsburgh’s STEM renaissance
  • Invest in endowed support to keep a Shady Side education accessible, renewing the strength of our school community as more and more families choose Pittsburgh
  • Invest in endowed support for our faculty as they explore the most promising new ideas in teaching and learning – constantly renewing the Shady Side experience that our students have known for generations

In addition, we’re deeply appreciative of the following donors who invested in the science classroom/lab renovations on our Junior School and Middle School campuses, which give our faculty new channels and tools for instruction, better support our student learning and ensure our excellence in science instruction at all age levels.