Restricted, Scholarship Funds & Gifts In Kind

Shady Side Academy is appreciative of the following people who made gifts in 2014-2015 restricted for very specific purposes.


Jessica and Jack Glover

Donald H. Jones Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Autumn and Joseph Katarincic, Jr.

Band Trip

Judy and Bob Ferree

Debra and Robert Ladley

Donna and Ronald Pellegrini

Coaches' Table at PA Sports Hall of Fame Dinner

Karen and R. Kent Galey

Peggy and Steve McKnight

College Counseling

William and Tricia Kassling

David A. Mancosh Scholarship Fund

Patricia and Lance Labun

Bridget and David A. Mancosh, Jr.

Kathy and Douglas G. Mancosh

Robert Moffet

Barbara and Jonathan Saxton

Edgar H. Rouse and Margaret W. Rouse Scholarship Funds

Dawn and Chris Pruszynski

Fran and Philip Rouse

Elkin Scholarship Fund

Toni Seidel and Richard L. Berkman

Barry T. Blake

Joyce and Richard S. Chalfant

John M. Chernoff

Christy and Robert F. Maloney

Thomas I. Nary

Dawn and Chris Pruszynski

Craig D. Ramsey

Martha and William S. Rial

Janet and Jerry L. Stephenson

Allyn and John B. Taylor

Martha and John M. Wolf, Jr.


Crown Point Enterprises, Inc.

Financial Aid/Books


Florida Baseball Trip

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

Jacob Klinvex

Kevin Rich

Football Program

Sherry and William Krol

Girls' Hockey Locker Room Renovation

Shelly and Daniel Coyne

Maribea Crosby

Kevin Deliman

Colleen and Philip Devorris

Kiran Mehta and Mark Fye

Kathy and Peter Gialames

Susan and David Hickey

Kathy and D. Stuart Horne

Mary Ellen and John C. Maher

Elizabeth Maher Grover and Amit Grover

Ashley Maida

Natalie Maida and Thomas McKeon

Cooper and Richard Munroe

Kate and Monty Pooley

Deirdre and John Rockey

Linda Fried and George A. Small

Patricia Dalby and Harry Stump

Evelyn E. and John B. Talbott

Renee and Richard Trice

Britton Wean

Susanne and John Wean

George L. Follansbee Scholarship Fund

Thomas I. Nary

Grandizio Athletic Complex

Veronica and David Kamin

Angela and Jonathan Kamin

Lindsey and Joshua Kamin

Joan and Samuel P. Kamin

The Phillip H. and Betty L. Wimmer Family Foundation

Hillman Performing Arts Series


The Casey Family

G. Nicholas Beckwith IV

Leslie Clark

Bob Cunningham & Family

John H. Demmler

Ave Maria and Frank Dlubak

Lisa and Michael Forgas

Diana and Samuel Harbison III

Elsie* and Henry L. Hillman

The Henry L. Hillman Foundation

Carly McCoy

Jean McCullough

Ayisha Morgan-Lee

Veronica Morgan-Lee

The Pittsburgh Foundation


John Baglier Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ann and Dennis Baglier

Mary and Fred Limbach

Junior School

Charlotte Cleveland

Junior School Counseling Program

Rosemarie and Frank Calandra

Karl Anthony Calandra

Merit Hockey Fund

Sharon and Stephen D'Angelo

Kimberly Roberts and Stanley Ference

Middle School Library Wall

Sally and Craig Wolfanger

Middle School Science Olympiad

Amy and Mark Bozzone

Jihong and John Hammer

Middle School Special Curriculum

Debra and William Demchak

Nicholas Barnes Prize

Catherine Vodrey

Parkin Fellows Program

Wendy and Fred Parkin

Science Olympiad

Ann Gibbons and William L. Scherlis

Senior School Library

Lori and Louis Plung

Virginia Balderston and Theodore Vuchinich

Theater Program

Marian F. Dietrich and Charles M. Schwartz


#1 Cochran

Bonnie and Vaughan Blaxter

Karen Krauss and James Boyd

Frank Calandra Inc.

Karl Anthony Calandra

Jacquelyn and Robert Capretto

Christina and Robert Cochran

ESS Insurance Group

Fazio Mechanical Services, Inc.

FMS Construction Company

Frank Fuhrer III

Audrey and Donald Heberle

Susan and Ted Hoopes

Jennchem, LLC

Franziska and Tudor Jovin

Michele and L. Douglas Lioon

Maureen and Patrick McManus

Cristina and Francis Muracca

Denise and John Nairn Jr.

Robin and Michael Say

Sharon and R. Fraser Stokes

Ashley and David Tesone, II

Sara and Lawrence Walsh, Sr.

Xcoal Energy & Resources

Walter Jones Scholarship Fund

Thomas I. Nary

Hannah and Neil Van Horn

Water Filtering System

Personal Finance Club

William DeTillo Scholarship Fund

Sandra and Robert Arnold

Alice and Edgar Berkey

Kristin Brown

Nicholas Coslov

Loretta and Thomas Drelles

Jason Glick

Dana and Richard Green

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

Jennifer and Craig Niemann

Billie and William Tisherman

Leonard Wholey

Josh Wymard and Erin Mullan