In Honor & In Memory

In Honor

In Honor of Eli Abo's Graduation

Nellie Lou Slagle

In Honor of Carlin Aloe

Kathryn and Chad Green

In Honor of Michele Ament

Latresa Zak

In Honor of Stacy Anderson


In Honor of Nicole Baraff

Robert Baraff

In Honor of Caroline and Lars Barkman

Cynthia and Allen Appel

In Honor of Cari Batchelar

Meghan and Jose Amayo

In Honor of Rhyley Bendel

Caitlin McLaughlin

In Honor of Caroline '17 and Ella '19 Benec

Sherry Kring and Jennifer Gold

In Honor of Alexander and Michael Biglan

Barbara and Albert Biglan

In Honor of Kathryn Binnie

Maribea Crosby

In Honor of Stacy Blecher

Susan and Aron Blecher

In Honor of Alexandra and Larisa Bodnarchuk

Leslie and Paul Bodnarchuk

In Honor of Dan Brill

Jessica and David Nothmann

In Honor of Randy Broker

Molly Girts

Rhett Jenkins

In Honor of Mia and Eva Bugarija

Bergita and Nenad Bugarija

In Honor of Tancredi '05 and Charles Calabrese '14

Sally and Charles Calabrese

In Honor of Tom Cangiano's Vision for SSA

Patricia and S. John Whitehill

In Honor of Alexander Chasin

Janet and Scott Sutton

In Honor of Christian Chybrzynski

Mary and John Mall

In Honor of My Classmates

Patricia and S. John Whitehill

In Honor of Logan Cox

Peter Kilkenny

In Honor of Lauren and Madison Davies

Helen and Lawrence Davies

In Honor of Maxwell and Michael DeGregorio

Tammy and John DeGregorio

In Honor of Crosby Beatrice Deliman

Marietta and William Crosby

In Honor of Dominique DeRubeis

Mary and Thomas DeRubeis

In Honor of Jackson Engh

Dr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Engh

Barbara Martens

In Honor of Russell Faigen

Gayle and David Faigen

In Honor of Joseph Felder

Diane and John Curry

Jennifer and Carl Tabacjar, Jr.

In Honor of Richard Gable

Elizabeth Appleman Kaplan and Michael Kaplan

In Honor of William P. Getty III

Molly and William Getty, Jr.

In Honor of Charles Jay Goldstein

Morton Goldstein

In Honor of Robert Grandizio, Jr.

Maxwell Schneider

In Honor of the Great Class of 1944

Judith and Donald Markstein

In Honor of Miles Haas

Jennie and Adam Haas

In Honor of Dana Hardy-Bingham

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Jane Sheerer

In Honor of Harold (Buddy) Hendershot

Jennifer and David Chottiner

Maribea Crosby

Nilza and Abhishek Mehta

Cynthia and Ralph Mino

In Honor of David and Peter Hirsch

Jean Harwick and Barry Hirsch

In Honor of Shirley Hirsh

Natalie and Geoffrey Melada

In Honor of Fernando Bertenthal Humphreys

Sammy Bertenthal

In Honor of Colin Hunzeker (Third Grade Pen Pal)

David McCreery

In Honor of Angela Irvine

Hillary Stroud and John Sutula

In Honor of A. Emerson and Matilee Johnson

Beth and C. Donald Smith

In Honor of Jonathan Johnson

Constantine Davides

In Honor of Jon Kamin

Glimcher Group

In Honor of Laurance Kotys

Ben Kotys

In Honor of Michelle Larkin's Graduation

Judy and Leo Waldman

In Honor of Sophie Lau

Maribea Crosby

In Honor of Connor Leemhuis' 16th Birthday

Carrie Casey Leemhuis and William Leemhuis

In Honor of William '17 and Elise '19 Lehman

Nancy and Stanley Lehman

In Honor of Adam, Gregory and Jed Lippard

Susan and Thomas Lippard

In Honor of Ryan Logue

Maribea Crosby

In Honor of Joshua and Tyler Loper

Lisa and Kevin Page

In Honor of Brooklynne Lowry

LaKesha and Ricardo Lowry

In Honor of William Lu


In Honor of Camille MacRae

Lisa and Michael Greenberg

In Honor of Andy and Jamie Mallinger

Bernard Mallinger

In Honor of Grant and Mitchell Mason

Myrna and Mark E. Mason

In Honor of Bonnie McCarthy

Benjamin Ross

In Honor of Susie & Dick McSorley

Ann R. and Richard B. Meyer

In Honor of Katie Mihm

Marni Grossman

In Honor of Jeffrey Miller

Joshua Marks

In Honor of Jan Mills

Camille and Sloan MacRae

In Honor of Stan Nevola

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

In Honor of Barclay Palmer

Beth Graham and William Schulz

In Honor of Christopher and Constance Parham

Catherine Parham

In Honor of Scott Peterson

Maribea Crosby

In Honor of Delores and Raymond Plowchalk

Christina Reed

In Honor of Ray Rosenblum

Dai Rosenblum

In Honor of the Rosengart Family

Janet Lee and Matthew Rosengart

In Honor of Ferd & Molly Sauereisen

Rene and Eric Sauereisen

In Honor of Dr. Bernard Sauers

Jamie and James Scott

In Honor of the SSA Faculty

Abbie Minard

Jennifer Riscilli

In Honor of the SSA History Department

Patricia and James Toole

In Honor of Maegan Stump and Lorraine Stump Silver

Patricia Dalby and Harry Stump

In Honor of Melanie Smith

Jennifer and William Gabler

In Honor of Bo, Holly, Will and Carolyn Stewart

Janet S. Stewart

In Honor of Noah and Dani Strauss

Erica Merkow Strauss and Aaron Strauss

In Honor of SSA Senior School Teachers 1964-1968

Anne and Edward Strauss III

In Honor of SSA Students who attended Rotary Meeting

Tingle and Richard Barnes

In Honor of Robert and Andrew Sveda

Louise and Robert Baird

In Honor of Rocco F. Tarasi III

Rocco Tarasi II

In Honor of Maddie, Christian and Claire Taylor

Molly and Ferd Sauereisen

Ronald and Gail Taylor

In Honor of Emma Thai

Florence Pippin

In Honor of Emily Zhang

Jin Wang

In Honor of Wes Warden and his classmates

Tracy and Charles Warden

In Honor of Edmond M. Watters

Comly and Edmond Watters

In Honor of Matthew Weiss

Henry J. R. V. Klein

Lillian Klein

Catherine Vodrey

In Honor of Graham and Russell Westerberg

Susan Pettler

In Memory

In Memory of Robert Abercrombie

Fern and Joseph Safier

In Memory of Sheila Allen

Carrie Casey Leemhuis and William Leemhuis

In Memory of Audrey Ashworth

Lauren and Michael Messner

In Memory of John Baglier

Ann and Dennis Baglier

Mary and Fred LimbachIn Memory of Richard Baker

Anne Baker

In Memory of Gerald Baraff

Robert Baraff

In Memory of Nicholas Barnes

Henry J. R. V. Klein

Lillian Klein

Catherine Vodrey

In Memory of John Batchelar

Cari and David Batchelar

In Memory of Creston Baumunk

Alma and David Guy

Kathleen and William Hughes, Jr.

In Memory of Mary K. Bechman

Harry J. Bechman, Jr.

In Memory of Robert Bell

Pamela and David Allon

In Memory of David P. Bennett

Nan and Andy Bennett

In Memory of Frederick Bode

Charles Cox

In Memory of Philip Boggs

Patricia Boggs

In Memory of Captain David Bowser

Susan and William Vodrey

In Memory of Marvin Brown

Patrick Brown

In Memory of John E. Brownell, Jr.

Barbara and James Cook, Jr.

In Memory of Frank J. Burry, Jr

Mary Jane Burry

In Memory of Miles Charest

Pamela and Richard Feinstein

In Memory of John "Jay" Conte '53

Joel Colker

In Memory of Todd Drelles

Marie and Speros Drelles

Christine Encelewski

In Memory of J. Keefe Ellis, Jr.
(as of November 1, 2017)

Anonymous (1)

Mary and Scott Aiken

Elsa and Andrew Armstrong

Marjorie and Thomas Armstrong

Marshall Balk

Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta, PC '13

Dotty and Nick Beckwith

Leslie and Bruce Bell

Sally Ann and William Bensur, Jr.

David Birnbrey

Joan Bradshaw

Mary Beth and Thomas G. Buchanan

Burns & Scalo Real Estate Services, Inc.

Susan and Alan Citron

Jonathan Cleborne

Mary and Jay Cleveland

Christina and Robert Cochran

Elizabeth A. and Michael A. Concordia

Margaret Conver

Sharon and Richard Dandrea

Debra and William Demchak

Constance Donnelly

Maribeth and Harry Donnelly II

Loretta and Thomas Drelles

James Duffy

Connie and James Egan

William Egan

Peter Ellis

Martha Hunter and M. Michael Elmer

Kristen and Michael Farrell

Adriane and Joseph Felder

Stephanie and Thomas Flannery

Frank Fuhrer III

Etta and Herman Golomb

Adam Hahn

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Hanna Commercial LLC

Conor Hannon

Judy and Michael Hannon

Susan and Fred Harchelroad

Mary Alice and Michael Hennessey

Connie and Mark Heppenstall

Paul R. Herbert

Maryanne and Theodore Hermann

Julie and Christopher Hertz

Henry P. Hoffstot III

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

Lindsey and Jonathan Isaacson

Ellen and Tom Jones

Angela and Jonathan Kamin

Penny and John Kramer

Karl Krieger

Susan and Marc Laufe

Sharon and J. Stephen Lee

Tracy and Jon Levy

Anne Lewis

Jill Marie and Charles Love

Margaret and John Marous

Ann and Andy Mathieson

Helen Mathieson

Peter Mathieson

Robert C. McCarthy, Jr.

Peggy and Steve McKnight

Laurin and Nevin Moore

Steven Mosites, Jr.

Mauren and John Mullen

Sherri Newton

Frances and Desmond O'Connor

Laurel Slaughter Odelein

Heidi and Edward Ondek

Wendy Pangburn

Leslie and Richard Parran

Susan and Gregg Perelman

Rosemary and Frank Perrone

Heather and Richard Rattner

Traci and Gregory Rea

Karen and Thomas Reinecke

Jean and Frank Brooks Robinson, Sr.

Neil Rosen

Karen and Tony Ross

Susan Clay Russell

Jennifer and James Scalo

Marie Malasavage and David Scherbarth

Maribeth and Mark Schmidt

Emily Medine and Michael Schwartz

Jamie and James Scott

Anita and Edward Seifert

Donna and Thomas N. Southard

Abigail Spear

Sheryl Wein and Jeffrey Spear

Miroya Monsour and Merrill Stabile

Barbara Pippin Thai and Ngoc Thai

Jane and Harry Thompson II

Ann and Jeffrey Todd

Aimee Trabold

Amy and Christopher Treese

Robin and Dan Trellis

Diane and Hal Waldman

Betsy and Charles Watkins

Susanne and John Wean

Susan and Bruce Weiner

Godelieve Sannen and Lawrence Wieman

Kathy and James Woll

Sarah and Robert Woodings, III

In Memory of Mary Helen Fuhrer

Casey Wagner

In Memory of Harry Galanty

Jan and Sanford Galanty

In Memory of Stuart G. Goodman

Sandy and Lee Goodman

In Memory of Robert Gray

Stacey and Thomas Gray

In Memory of Samuel S. Greene

Mary and John P. Davis, Jr.

Phyllis Gansz-Greene

Sima and Paul Krause

In Memory of Loren Haley

Carla and Leon Haley

In Memory of Harold Hammer

Jihong and John Hammer

In Memory of Thelma Marie Hendershot

Carol and Harold Hendershot

In Memory of Thomas W. Henderson

Kristine W. and Lawrence B. Niemann

In Memory of Edward Hilger, Jr.

Lisa and Steven Hilger

In Memory of Bruce U. Hill, Jr.

Jacquelyn Hill

In Memory of Shirley Hirsh

Natalie and Geoffrey Melada

In Memory of Desmond Hume

Evan Frye

In Memory of F. Walter Jones, Jr.

Thomas I. Nary, M.D.

Thomas Skarbek

In Memory of Edward Kay

David Kay

In Memory of Agnes Dodds Kinard

Lilian King and Allan Dodds Frank

In Memory of Heather Koschny

Hilary H. and Samuel B. Spector

In Memory of Robert Kramer

Robin and Jeff Acquafondata

Marc Albert

Margaret and David Damico

Goldman Sachs Gives

Carol and Donald Halliday

Maryanne and Theodore Hermann

Jacquelyn Hill

Daphne and C. Lawrence Irwin

James Knox

Emily and J. Douglas Kramer

Penny and John Kramer

Carol W. and Jay R. Mangold, Sr.

Beth and C. Donald Smith

Marquis Smith

Margaret Stemmler

Jennifer and Peter Strope

Jane and Harry Thompson II

In In Memory of Al and Jennie LaMagna

Yunwha and Richard LaMagna

Memory of Barry Lhormer

Brenda and Marc Lhormer

In Memory of Sandra Loevner

Harris and Alexander Heit

In Memory of Jennifer Loper

Kathleen and David Knechtel

In Memory of Stephanie Mallinger

Bernard Mallinger

In Memory of David Marsh

William M. Marsh

In Memory of William S. McCardle, Jr.

Barbara McCardle

In Memory of John B. McClay

Diana B. McClay

In Memory of H. Cameron Metz, Jr.

Nancy Bartholomew

In Memory of Robert L. Munroe

Cooper and Richard Munroe

In Memory of Dorothy and Joseph Nary

Thomas I. Nary, M.D.

In Memory of Dolores (Dee) Nedde

Norman Nedde

In Memory of Laura Rumble O'Connell

Angela Irvine

In Memory of Kenneth Panzak

Michaelene Kocan and George Panzak

In Memory of Ross D. Parham

Catherine Parham

In Memory of Richard Pivirotto

Mary Pivirotto

In Memory of Joe and Theresa Pruszynski

Dawn and Chris Pruszynski

In Memory of Martha Rankin

Edward and Janice Brozek

Junior School Faculty and Staff

In Memory of James Rothenberg

William Titelman

In Memory of Robert G. Runnette
(as of November, 1, 2017)

Beverly and Carter Bagley

Tingle and Richard Barnes

Elizabeth Bates

Annette Becker

Dotty and Nick Beckwith

Joan and William Bennett

Marion and Van Black

Roberta and Robert Bolduc

Mary and Jay Capouch

Gloria and Donald Casey

Sarah and J.E. Chapoton

Laurie and Phil Davidson

Christina and Pat Dickinson

Alice and Pete Dye

Thomas B. Evans, Jr.

Christy and James Everest

Stephanie and Thomas Flannery

Marian Frick

Fred L. Glaize III

Nancy Gruner

Susan and Stephen Hall

Dr. Anthony M. and Mrs. Rosanne Isay Harrison

Jean and William Houston

Christina Jennings

Joan and Frank Joanou

Amy and Paul Joanou

Amy and Gary Katz

Martha and Kenneth Lang

Loralee and Raymond LeBoeuf

Eleanor L. Lucas

Cynthia and John Lucas

Joan and Rip Maxwell

Charles McCarty

Elaine and Robert McCoy, Jr.

Sally and John McDougal

Martha and Barrant Merrill

Ann R. and Richard B. Meyer

Penny P. and William A. Meyer, Jr.

Karen Muse

Craig Nalen

Joanne Orr

Anne and Paul Petry

Lisa and Robert Pyne

Nancy and Bill Rackoff

Rebecca and Matthew Rayburn

Jean and Frank Brooks Robinson, Sr.

Susan and Joseph Robinson, Jr.

Charlotte and Robert Rost

Abby and Reid Ruttenberg

Laura Saf

Betsy and David Sams

Mikell and A. William Schenck III

Jay Schroeder

Anita and Edward Seifert

Virginia and Richard Simmons

Beth and C. Donald Smith

Smithfield Trust Company

Richard Sperry

Karen Stauffer

Catherine and Edward Stopher

Lindsley and Bruce Swenson

Jane and Harry Thompson II

Amy and Christopher Treese

Anne Werth

Carolyn and V. Thomas Worrall III

In Memory of Dr. Bernard J. Sauers

Martha and Robert Veto

In Memory of Karen Shapira

Deborah Shapira

In Memory of Martin "Tim" Sheerer

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Madeline W. Sheerer

In Memory of Stephen Shenkan

Judie and Alan Tapper

In Memory of Charles Shriver

Bethany and Augustus Succop III

In Memory of Joseph Shuman

Joyce and Richard Chalfant

Susan Cramer

Mary Jacqueline Ellis

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Elizabeth and Alan Finegold

Jean and William Houston

Charles Kilbourne

Robert Phillips

Debra and David Ries

Sallly and Edmund Ruffin

Carol and Bernie Schwartz

Eleanor Stanton

The Alan H. Finegold Company

Charles Todd

In Memory of John Sieber

Joan Sieber

In Memory of David O. Smith

Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Smith

Kim and Shawn Smith

In Memory of Tobias Stern

Patricia and Jeffrey McCarroll

Ellen M. McConnell

Alexis Randall

Megan and Bryan Vrcic

In Memory of Charles T. Stewart

Mrs. Charles T. Stewart

In Memory of Jane Strassburger

Jordan Strassburger

In Memory of A. Ernest Succop

Bethany and Augustus Succop III

In Memory of Charles Sutherland

Nell and William Sutherland

In Memory of Ren Sutherland

Nell and William Sutherland

In Memory of Lester L. Swaney

Mrs. Lester L. Swaney

In Memory of John S. Thorpe

Suzanne and Scott A. Klages

In Memory of Lucille Tommarello

Janice and Edward Brozek

Junior School Faculty and Staff

In Memory of Cydra Vaux

Ashley Irwin

Alexis Randall

Tara and Steven Szilagyi

In Memory of Michael Vehec

Maggie Krell

In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. G. Ray Vilsack

Michaileen and David Vilsack

In Memory of David R. Weill III

Angela Irvine

Fern and Joseph Safier

Irene Rademaker and Gordon Wenneker

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

In Memory of David Weill IV

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

In Memory of Frank L. Wiegand '31

Barbara and Bruce Wiegand