The Campaign for Shady Side

The success of The Campaign for Shady Side requires the engagement of our entire alumni, parent and corporate community to provide critical funding for continued construction of our Center for Science and Innovation, the support of faculty and financial assistance through our Endowment Fund and ongoing resources to The Blue & Gold Fund. The support from our generous donors will ensure that Shady Side Academy remains a leading independent school into the foreseeable future.

The following list includes members of the Shady Side community who have supported the Campaign for Shady Side from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.


Anonymous (2)

Raji and Ravi Balu

Albert J. Banes

Allen Bankson

Laurie and Martin Barkman

Dotty and Nick Beckwith

Beth and Raymond Bernabei

Maria and James Bernier

Gloria and Donald Casey

Helen Hanna Casey and Stephen Casey

Mary and Jay Cleveland

Sandy and Jay W. Cleveland, Sr.

Jay Cleveland III

Laura Cleveland-Datesman and Miles Datesman

Christina and Robert Cochran

Debra and William Demchak

P.J. Dick Incorporated

Mary Jo and Lane Dively

Suzanne and Court Dwyer

Stacy and J. Keefe* Ellis

Annie and Gus Engel

EQT Foundation

Kathleen Dorritie and Antonio Fargiano

Diane and John Fisher

Eugenia and Robert Friedlander

GE Foundation

Bryan and Amie Gentile

Margaret and Richard Gitomer

Eileen Glenn

Megan and Robert Glimcher

Nita Rai-Gohel and Shyam Gohel

Goldman Sachs Educational Matching Gift Program

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Judy and Michael Hannon

The Jegasothy Family

David Kamin

Angela and Jonathan Kamin

Lindsey and Joshua Kamin

Joan and Samuel P. Kamin

Laura and Thomas Karet

Karen and Joseph Kelley

Virginia and Paul Kleist

Sharon and J. Stephen Lee

Mary Beth and Christopher Leech

Tracy and Jon Levy

Ramsey and Michael Lyons

Erica and Jeff McIlroy

Pamela and Peter McIlroy

Shelley and Robert McIlroy

Richard King Mellon Foundation

Carol and Ryan Mulderig

Brooke and Robert Mullin

John S. Osterweis

Susan and Gregg Perelman

Jan & Charles Petredis Family

Lori and Louis Plung

Leslie and David Puth

Sharon and James Rohr, Sr.

Pat and S. Kent Rockwell

The Ruttenberg Family

Lisa and Ozzy Samad

Linna B. and Glenn B. Sawicki

Ann Gibbons and William L. Scherlis

Bruce H. Silverblatt

Miroya Monsour and Merrill Stabile

Susan R. and George L. Stewart II

Ann and Michael Strem

Sandra Sauereisen and Mark Taylor

Wendy and Spencer Todd

Amy and Christopher Treese

Patricia and Paul Uhlman

Catherine and Frederick Waddell

Suzanne and William Wallace

Britton P. Wean

Susanne and John Wean

Kristi and Tyler Wean

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Barbara and Bruce Wiegand

Nancy and James Wolf

Suzan Obagi and Mazen Youssef


Financial Aid Endowment

Ann and Dennis Baglier

Barry Blake

Joyce and Richard Chalfant

Shelley and John Chesley

Helen and J. Eric Durfee

Victoria and John Duff, Jr.

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Sharon and James Hardie, Jr.

Yunwha and Richard LaMagna

Mary and Fred Limbach

Wendy and Jeffrey Lott

Christy and Robert Maloney

Bridget and David A. Mancosh, Jr.

Ann and Andy Mathieson

Helen Mathieson

Peter Mathieson

Ann R. and Richard B. Meyer

Penny B. and William A. Meyer, Jr.

Thomas I. Nary, M.D.

Martha A. and William S. Rial III

The Rockwell Foundation

Allyn and John Taylor

Hannah and Neil Y. Van Horn

Catherine and Frederick Waddell

Laura and Bob Wiegand

Faculty Endowment

Eugene Chwerchak

Kara and Dean Conomikes

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Karalyn and Kenneth Jones

Christy and Robert Maloney

Ann and Andy Mathieson

E. Ronald Salvitti

Theresa and Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr.

Mikell and A. William Schenck III

Janet S. and Jerry L. Stephenson

Allyn and John Taylor

Henry J. Wallace, Jr.