In Honor & In Memory

In Honor

In Honor of Scott Aiken

Edward Sheerer

In Honor of Cari Batchelar

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Madeline W. Sheerer

In Honor of Mary Bender

Filitsa and Christopher Bender

In Honor of Adam & Michael Bisno's Teachers

Michelle and Aaron Bisno

In Honor of Caroline and Lars Barkman

Cynthia and Allen Appel

In Honor of Caroline and Ella Benec

Sherry Kring and Jennifer Gold

In Honor of Alexandra Bodnarchuk

Leslie and Paul Bodnarchuk

In Honor of Larisa Bodnarchuk

Leslie and Paul Bodnarchuk

In Honor of Daniel Brill

Jessica and David Nothmann

Martha Runnette

In Honor of Mia Bugarija

Bergita and Nenad Bugarija

In Honor of Edward Byrnes' 75th Birthday

Diane and Clifford Rowe

In Honor of Alexander Chasin

Janet and Scott Sutton

In Honor of Christian Chybrzynski

Mary and John Mall

In Honor of Therese Costa

Reed Williams

In Honor of Sache Coury

Rosemarie and Robert Coury

In Honor of Lauren Davies

Helen and Lawrence Davies

In Honor of Crosby Beatrice Deliman

Maribea Crosby

In Honor of Gene Deal

Constantine Davides

Deborah and James Genstein

JG Direct Mail Marketing Inc.

In Honor of Maxwell and Michael DeGregorio

Tammy and John DeGregorio

In Honor of Ralph Dougherty

Michael J. Dattilo

In Honor of Lee Draper

Julia and Kevin Draper

In Honor of Joseph Felder

Cynthia and Ralph Mino

Daniel Wolf

In Honor of William P. Getty III

Molly and William Getty, Jr.

In Honor of Charles Jay Goldstein

Morton Goldstein

In Honor of Ty Gradwell

Lori and Douglas Gradwell

In Honor of Samantha Green

Debra Levy Green

In Honor of Spencer Greenberg '20

Lisa and Michael Greenberg

In Honor of Amy Harrison

Reed Williams

In Honor of David and Peter Hirsch

Jean Harwick and Barry Hirsch

In Honor of Fernando Humphreys

Samuel Bertenthal

In Honor of Angela Irvine

Penny and Daniel Brill

In Honor of Jon Kamin

Glimcher Group

In Honor of John Landreth

Maribea Crosby

In Honor of Michelle Larkin

Judy and Leo Waldman

In Honor of Alexa, Joshua and Lauren Levy

Joan Prizant

In Honor of Adam, Gregory and Jed Lippard

Susan and Thomas Lippard

In Honor of Joshua and Tyler Loper

Lisa and Kevin Page

In Honor of Patrick M Loughran

Mary and Joseph Loughran

In Honor of Maggie Mayer '17, Winner of Best Documentary in Teen Film Prize Competition

Steeltown Entertainment Project

In Honor of the Math Department


In Honor of Kathleen Mausteller

Reed Williams

In Honor of Bonnie McCarthy

Benjamin Ross

In Honor of Penny & Bill Meyer's 50th Anniversary

Ann R. and Richard B. Meyer

In Honor of Katie Mihm

Marni Grossman

In Honor of Jeffrey Miller

Chrissie and Philip Huss

Joshua Marks

In Honor of Abraham Oseroff, Sr.

Abraham Oseroff, Jr.

In Honor of Jan Mills

Camille and Sloan MacRae

In Honor of Christopher and Constance Parham

Catherine Parham

In Honor of Alexis Randall

Mary Anne and Thomas Lang

In Honor of Nate, Jonah and Rose Rattner & Dylan and Zoe Wecht

Linda Bushkoff

In Honor of Ray Rosenblum

Dai Rosenblum

In Honor of Dr. Bernard Sauers

Natalie Robbins and Carl Kurlander

In Honor of Shannon Sciulli

Mary Anne and Thomas Lang

In Honor of Mark Skinner

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Jane Sheerer

In Honor of Scott and Elana Sobol

Carolyn Bernstein

In Honor of Kyle Smith

Maxwell Schneider

In Honor of SSA 20th Reunion

Jessica and Gregory Green

In Honor of SSA Classmates

Patricia and S. John Whitehill

In Honor of SSA Faculty and Staff

Kristine and Lawrence Niemann

In Honor of SSA Senior School Teachers 1964-1968

Anne and Edward Strauss III

In Honor of Cole Stine '17

Patricia Coyne Stine

In Honor of Robert and Andrew Sveda

Louise and Robert Baird

In Honor of Amy Szlachetka

Katherine Sheerer

In Honor of Rocco F. Tarasi III

Rocco Tarasi II

In Honor of Maddie, Christian & Claire Taylor

Molly and Ferd Sauereisen

Ronald and Gail Taylor

In Honor of Emma Thai

Florence Pippin

In Honor of Dr. James E. Vaux, Jr.

Albert J. Banes

Robert A. Hicks

In Honor of Edmond M. Watters

Comly and Edmond Watters

In Honor of David Wecht's Election to the PA Supreme Court

Jeffrey Pollock

In Honor of Matthew Weiss

Elizabeth and Joshua Berger

In Honor of Graham and Russell Westerberg

Susan and Donald Pettler

In Honor of Reed Williams

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

In Memory

In Memory of Robert Abercrombie

Fern and Joseph Safier

In Memory of John Baglier

Ann and Dennis Baglier

In Memory of George A. Bartholomew

Nancy Bartholomew

In Memory of Tracy Bartholomew II

Nancy Bartholomew

In Memory of Creston Baumunk

Alma and David Guy

Kathleen and William Hughes, Jr.

In Memory of David P. Bennett

Janet and George Gilmore

May and George Richardson

In Memory of Zachary Billotte

Emily Perrone

In Memory of John J. Bissell, Jr.

Stanley N. Brown, Jr.

In Memory of Captain David Bowser

Susan and William Vodrey

In Memory of John E. Brownell, Jr.

Judy Walrath

In Memory of Janice K. Burchfield

A. H. Burchfield III

In Memory of Steven E. Burke

Mary and John P. Davis, Jr.

In Memory of Frank J. Burry, Jr

Mary Jane Burry

In Memory of Ralph W. Cadman II

Carolyn Cadman Buell

In Memory of Brian Caputo

Sally and Ramy Hanna

In Memory of Stephen C. Davis, Sr.

Sallie Belle Davis and Joseph Welch

In Memory of William DeTillo

Alice and Edgar Berkey

In Memory of Todd Drelles

Marie and Speros Drelles

Christine Encelewski

In Memory of Desmond Hume

Evan Frye

In Memory of Harry Galanty

Jan and Sanford Galanty

In Memory of Ronald Giallonardo

Jill and David Buran

In Memory of Stuart G. Goodman

Sandy and Lee Goodman

In Memory of Robert Gray

Stacey and Thomas Gray

In Memory of John Hamilton


In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Harper

Audrey and John Harper

In Memory of Earl Roy Henderson

Denisse and Coy Ross

In Memory of Harriet McCarthy

Emilia and Sean McCarthy

Erik Wagner

In Memory of Harold Hammer

Jihong and John Hammer

In Memory of Robert F. Henninger, Jr.

LaDonna and William Bates

Marianne and Anthony Conway

Lana and Richard Ferguson

Elisabeth and John Haskell

Charles Todd

David S. Van der Voort

In Memory of Bruce U. Hill, Jr.

Elaine and Richard Kappel

In Memory of Elsie Hillman

Natalie Robbins and Carl Kurlander

In Memory of Henry P. Hoffstot, Jr.

Mary and John P. Davis, Jr.

In Memory of Laura Pool Huber

Kristen and D. Lawton Stokes

In Memory of Lowell M. Innes

Anne and Timothy Smelzer

In Memory of Ruth and F. Walter Jones, Jr.

Teresa and Samuel Jones

In Memory of Philip D. Joyce


In Memory of Agnes Dodds Kinard

Michael Frank

In Memory of Samuel M. Kintner II

Joyce and John Kintner

In Memory of Heather Koschny

Hilary H. and Samuel B. Spector

In Memory of Gary L. Kress

Jeffrey Pollock

In Memory of Al and Jennie LaMagna

LaMagna and Associates L.L.C.

Yunwha and Richard LaMagna

In Memory of Sandra Loevner

Alexander Heit

In Memory of Jennifer Loper

Kathleen and David Knechtel

In Memory of Stephanie Mallinger

Bernard Mallinger

In Memory of David A. Mancosh, Sr.

E. Kenneth Vey

In Memory of Myron Markel

D. Richard Rothman

In Memory of David Marsh

Tracey and Robert M. Marsh

In Memory of William S. McCardle, Jr.

Barbara McCardle

In Memory of John B. McClay

Diana B. McClay

In Memory of Willard Mead

Sima and Paul Krause

In Memory of Lee Minter

Susan and Edward Scheid

In Memory of Arthur I. and Jean E. Murphy

Craig Murphy

In Memory of Dorothy and Joseph Nary

Thomas I. Nary, M.D.

In Memory of Marne Obernauer

The Obernauer Foundation, Inc.

Peggy and Marne Obernauer, Jr.

In Memory of Laura Rumble O'Connell

Angela Irvine

In Memory of J. Wood Oliver, Jr.

Joseph W. Oliver III

In Memory of Ross D. Parham

Catherine Parham

In Memory of Joseph P. Pavlovich

Estate of Joseph Pavlovich

Lee Pavlovich

Christine and Philip Pavlovich

Samantha Pfeifer

Karen and C. Arthur West III

In Memory of Richard R. Pivirotto

Jennifer J. McClellan and Richard R. Pivirotto, Jr.

In Memory of Joe and Theresa Pruszynski

Dawn and Chris Pruszynski

In Memory of Meyer S. G. Roth

Jeffrey Pollock

In Memory of James Rothenberg

William Titelman

In Memory of William B. Sample

William B. Sample, Jr.

In Memory of Peter Sauer

John S. O'Malley

In Memory of Karen Shapira

Deborah Shapira

In Memory of David O. Smith

Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner

In Memory of Charles T. Stewart

Mrs. Charles T. Stewart

In Memory of A. Ernest Succop

Bethany and Augustus Succop III

In Memory of Charles Sutherland

Nell and William Sutherland

In Memory of Ren Sutherland

Nell and William Sutherland

In Memory of Cydra Vaux

Ashley Irwin

Ruth Ann Modic

Alexis Randall

In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. G. Ray Vilsack

Michaileen and David Vilsack

In Memory of David R. Weill III

Angela Irvine

Fern and Joseph Safier

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

In Memory of David Weill IV

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

In Memory of Jane Wentling

Matilee and A. Emerson Johnson III

In Memory of William Whigham III

Patsy and Biddle* Whigham

In Memory of Frank L. Wiegand '31

Barbara and Bruce Wiegand

In Memory of Alexander Zuzak

Alfonso Costa

Grant Fitzgerald