Founders Society

founders society The Founders Society is a group of leadership donors who made gifts of $1,883 or more for the 2015-2016 academic year. The group contributed $962,862, comprising 71% of the total funds raised for the Blue & Gold Fund.

The Founders Society continues to provide the philanthropic leadership upon which Shady Side Academy relies for continued advancements in all areas of school life. We are especially grateful to new donors whose first gift was made at the Founders Society level, and to Founders Society members who have given to the Blue & Gold Fund – some as leadership donors – for 20 consecutive years or more.

Lifetime Founders Society

Shady Side Academy is deeply appreciative of and grateful for the following individuals and their remarkable generosity. Lifetime Founders Society Members have given cumulative gifts in excess of $100,000 to the Academy, for all purposes, as of June 30, 2016.


Louis L. Avner*

Renee and James Ayers

Fred Babcock*

Dotty and G. Nicholas Beckwith III**

Alice and James* Beckwith III**

Paul G. Benedum, Jr.

Henry A. Bergstrom, Jr.

Carol and Myles Berkman

McKey W. and James S. Berkman

Donald Borden**

Nancy and John* Brownell **

Brenda and Joseph Calihan

Jennifer and Martin Calihan**

Slo and Michael Casey**

Mary and Jay Cleveland, Jr.

Sandy and Jay Cleveland, Sr.

Mary Ellen and Frank Costa

Ellie* and Richard Cuda**

The Estate of Daniel N. Curry

The Estate of Ruth S. Curry

Winifred Davidson*

Debra and William Demchak

Janet* and John H. Demmler**

Frances and Thomas Donahue

Victoria and John Duff, Jr.**

Mary Jane G. and Richard D.* Edwards

Ann• and Robert B. Egan**

Michael J. Farrell

Benjamin R. Fisher*

Diane and John Fisher

Barbara• and Richard B. Fisher

Mary Louise and Henry J. Gailliot

Sally and William P. Getty**

Olive L. Gilliand

Marilyn* and James* Gilmore

Marjorie Drummond Hogg Gilmore Fund

Sanford H. Goldstein*

The Estate of Freda Gray

Ina and Lawrence Gumberg**

Judith and Michael Hannon

Elsie• and Henry Hillman**

Mitzi and Mark Hofmann

Robert S. Hofmann*

Sara and E. Alexander Howson, Jr.

Mary and David* Hunter**

Edward A. Irvin*

Alice Jane and Paul R.* Jenkins**

Mary Hoover Johnston

Barbara A. and Donald H.* Jones

F. Walter Jones*

David Kamin

Angela and Jonathan Kamin

Lindsey and Joshua Kamin

Joan and Samuel Kamin

Tricia and William Kassling

Autumn and Joseph Katarincic, Jr.

Penny and John R. Kramer**

Janet• and Karl Krieger

Kathleen and James Lee

Sharon R. and J. Stephen Lee**

Mary Beth and Christopher Leech

Tracy and Jon Levy**

Anne and Edward* Lewis

Sissy and Bill Lieberman

Jane and Hugh Lynch

Margaret* and George* Magovern**

Kathy and Douglas G. Mancosh

Ann and Andy Mathieson**

Helen and Andrew* Mathieson

Tron McConnell**

Rebecca and W. T. McGough, Jr.

The Roy H. McKnight Family

The Estate of Helen and Stuart McMurray

Paul Mellon*

Jane* and William* A. Meyer

Deborah and Stephen Modzelewski

John S. Osterweis

Wendy and Fred Parkin

Lori and Louis Plung**

Helen* and Henry* Posner, Jr.

Milan Puskar

Craig D. Ramsey

Richard E. Rauh

Walter D. Riddle*

Pat and S. Kent Rockwell

Sharon and James Rohr, Sr.

Anne and James* Rothenberg**

Fran and Philip J. Rouse II

Abby and Reid Ruttenberg

Sara and David Scaife

Theresa and Edwin Scheetz, Jr.

President's Circle

(Gifts of $25,000 and above)

Renee and James Ayers

Paul G. Benedum, Jr.**

Nicole and Nicholas Coslov

Estate of Daniel N. Curry

Victoria and John Duff, Jr.**

James and Marilyn A. Gilmore Foundation

The Henry L. Hillman Foundation

Henry Hillman**

Jane and Hugh M. Lynch

Schwab Charitable Fund

President's Fellow

(Gifts of $7,500-$24,999)

Allen Bankson**

Paul G. Benedum, Jr. Foundation

Anne and Frederick Broad

Louise and David Cannon, Jr.**

Sheila and Bill Colombo

Kara and Dean Conomikes

Debra and William Demchak

The Double Eagle Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

The Fund for Charitable Giving

Alexander Gilfillan Charitable Trust

Judy and Michael Hannon

The Jegasothy Family

Mary Beth and Christopher Leech

Tracy and Jon Levy**

Rebecca F. and W. T. McGough, Jr.**

Modzelewski Charitable Trust

Deborah Sze and Stephen Modzelewski

Susan and Gregg Perelman

The Petredis Family

The Pittsburgh Foundation**

Lori and Louis Plung**

Fran and Philip Rouse**

E. Ronald Salvitti

Salvitti Family Foundation

Miroya Monsour and Merrill Stabile

The Torch & Quill Society

Vanguard Charitable

Suzanne and William Wallace

Susanne and John Wean**

Barbara and Bruce Wiegand

Suzan Obagi and Mazen Youssef


(Gifts of $5,000-$7,499)

Anonymous (1)

Dotty and Nick Beckwith**

Phyllis Coontz and Elaine Bellin

Bessemer Trust

The Cape Cod Foundation

Slo and Michael Casey**

Kara and Dean Conomikes

CRH Catering Co., Inc.

Richard Cuda**

Annie and Gus Engel

EQT Foundation

Daniel M. Fawcett

Sally and William P. Getty III**

Nita Rai-Gohel and Shyam Gohel

Cheri M. and Daniel J. Haas

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Wendy and John Hathaway

Robert A. Hicks

Sara and Alex Howson, Jr.

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Mary Caroline and Torrence Hunt, Jr.

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund**

Karen and Joseph Kelley III

Rosalee and David McCullough

Eiko and Patrick McCurdy**

Estate of Jeanne D. McIntyre

Patsy and J. Donald McKinney**

Nora and Aloysius McLaughlin III

Brooke and Robert Mullin

Priya and Pradeep Narayan

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Jessica and David Nothmann

John S. Osterweis

Kaya and Mickey Pohl

F. Carl Reinhardt

James Scalo Family

Mikell and A. William Schenck III

Joliane Schroeder

Carrie and Tim Stanny**

Wendy and Spencer Todd

Trust of Ralph H. Thompson, Jr.

Henry J. Wallace, Jr.

Britton P. Wean

Tyler Wean

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Dana Buccigrossi and Stephen West

James & Nancy Wolf Family Foundation

Nancy and James Wolf**

Leadership Member

(Gifts of $2,500-$4,999)

Anonymous (3)

Teresa and Joseph Anania Jr.

Divya and Sri Annamraju

The Ayco Charitable Foundation

Maritza and Wayne Balta


G. Nicholas Beckwith IV

McKey W. and James S. Berkman**

Donald Borden

Lili and Jon Bosse

Lisa Boyd

Amy and Mark Bozzone

Irene and Robert Bozzone

The Buhl Foundation

Karl Anthony Calandra

Barbara and James Cook, Jr.**

Theresa and Robert Crisanti

Maribea Crosby

Brian H. Davis

John Demmler**

Patrice and Edward Diamond III

Peter Ellis

Pamela and Richard Feinstein**

Fidelity Foundation

Liz and Alan Finegold

Diane and John Fisher

Bryan and Amie Gentile

Elizabeth Maher Grover and Amit Grover

Grune Family Foundation

Judith and George Grune

Ina and Lawrence Gumberg**

Jill Schumacher and Howard Gutstein

Catherine and Michael Haggerty

Susan and Fred Harchelroad


A. J. Jenkins**

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Mathilda Klaus

Linda M. LaMagna

Pat and Mark Landay

Sharon and J. Stephen Lee**

Anne Lewis

Donna and Fred Malvin**

Carol H. and Peter F. Mathieson

Erica and Jeff McIlroy

Barbara and Rodrick McMahon

Audra and Ali Melhem

The Mickens Family

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

National Philanthropic Trust

Kristine W. and Lawrence B. Niemann**

Donna R. and John G. Osthaus**

Nicole Patterson

PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program

Leslie and David Puth

Mira F. Courpas and Jonathan C. Puth

The Rattner Family

David Rattner

Heather and Richard Rattner

Beth and Steven Rattner

Susan and Stuart Rattner

Richard E. Rauh

Peggy and Robert Runnette

Lisa and Ozzy Samad

Gilbert Schneider and Stefi Kirschner

Lara Washington and Kenneth Spruill

Alan Stuckeman**

Barbara Pippin Thai and Ngoc Thai

Allison and Paul Tiernan

Lauren and Jeffrey Troutman**

Catherine and Frederick Waddell**

Kathy and Jeffrey Wiegand

Suli Wang and Wenhe Wu

Christine and David Yaccino

Bella and Paul Zugates

1883 Member

(Gifts of $1,883-$2,499)

Anonymous (1)

J. R. Ambrose III

Maria and James Bernier

Kathleen and James Braham**

Mary Jane Burry

Linda and Thomas Cangiano

Stephen and Helen Hanna Casey

Nancy and Steven Cohen

Dr. Valire Carr Copeland

Coston Funeral Homes, Inc.

Bethany and Roland Criswell

Mary Jo and Lane Dively

Lisa and J. Murray Egan

Robert Egan**

Stacy and J. Keefe Ellis

Laura and Robert Ferguson

Eugenia and Robert Friedlander

Anne L. Gailliot

Karen and Gregory Gerlach

Denise and Jay Giacco

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Graham, Jr.**

Paula and Andrew Hanson

Diana and Samuel Harbison III**

Christina Henderson

Lisa and Richard Hoffman

Lorina and Thomas Kadar

Angela and Jonathan Kamin

Jeffrey Kann

Penny and John Kramer**

Nancy and Stanley Lehman

Ramsey and Michael Lyons

Kathy and Douglas G. Mancosh

The Douglas G. Mancosh Rev Trust

John D. Margolis**

Marin Community Foundation

Ann and Andy Mathieson**

Diana B. McClay

Mary McKinney

Nilza and Abhishek Mehta

Ginny Bloom and Chetan Mehta

The Obernauer Foundation, Inc.

Peggy and Marne Obernauer, Jr.

J. Lee O'Nan**

Shari and Lucas Paglia

Nicole and Andrew Ross

The Rust Foundation**

Ann Gibbons and William L. Scherlis

Lisa Simone and Paul Shea

Laurie and Paul Singer

Marcy and Hunter Smith

The Hillman Company

Sandra Sauereisen and Mark Taylor**

Barbara Todd

Ann and Jeffrey Todd**

Hannah and Neil Y. Van Horn**

Laura Cyr and Jeff Varadi**

Joan and Charles Whitehill

Carolyn and V. Thomas Worrall III**

Jonathan Zittrain

* Deceased | ** 20+ Year Donor | FS Founders Society Member