The Campaign for Shady Side

Today we’re preparing for our next great phase as an Academy. Our vision is grounded in the unique possibilities of this moment in our city and world. We thank our donors to the Campaign for Shady Side in the 2015-2016 academic school year as their generous support will:

  • Create the McIlroy Center for Science and Innovation – a new home for discovery and inquiry on our campus, at the heart of Pittsburgh’s STEM renaissance
  • Invest in endowed support to keep a Shady Side education accessible, renewing the strength of our school community as more and more families choose Pittsburgh
  • Invest in endowed support for our faculty as they explore the most promising new ideas in teaching and learning – constantly renewing the Shady Side experience that our students have known for generations

In addition, we’re deeply appreciative of the following donors who invested in the science classroom/lab renovations on our Junior School and Middle School campuses, which give our faculty new channels and tools for instruction, better support our student learning and ensure our excellence in science instruction at all age levels.


Senior School

Divya and Sri Annamraju

Raji and Ravi Balu

Albert J. Banes

Dotty and Nick Beckwith

Beth and Raymond Bernabei

Bessemer Trust

Stephen and Helen Hanna Casey

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc.

The Cleveland Family Foundation

Mary and Jay Cleveland

Sandy and Jay W. Cleveland, Sr.

Jay W. Cleveland III

Christina and Robert Cochran

Mary Jane and Frederick Colen

Rosemarie and Robert Coury

Nance and Alan Davidson

The Double Eagle Foundation

Suzanne and Court Dwyer

Stacy and J. Keefe Ellis

Annie and Gus Engel

Estate of Daniel N. Curry

Flexcell International Corp.

Susan and William Follansbee

Margaret and Richard Gitomer

Nita Rai-Gohel and Shyam Gohel

Richard Gourley, Jr.

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Susan and Fred Harchelroad

The Jegasothy Family

Virginia and Paul Kleist

Sharon and J. Stephen Lee

Jane and Hugh M. Lynch

Emilia and Sean McCarthy

Miroya Monsour and Merrill Stabile

Susan and James Morris, Jr.

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Lori and Louis Plung

Aimee Kimball and Blake Ruttenberg

Nicole and Lance Ruttenberg

Abby and Reid Ruttenberg

Lisa and Ozzy Samad


Sandra Sauereisen and Mark Taylor

Bruce H. Silverblatt

Nancy and J. William Succop

Amy and Christopher Treese

Lauren and Jeffrey Troutman

Vanguard Charitable

James Walton

Britton P. Wean

Susanne and John Wean

Tyler Wean

Barbara and Bruce Wiegand

Nancy and James Wolf

Martha and John Wolf, Jr.

Middle School

Stephen and Helen Hanna Casey

Annie and F. August Engel

David Kamin

Angela and Jonathan Kamin

Lindsey and Joshua Kamin

Joan and Samuel Kamin

Jane and Hugh M. Lynch

Sharon and James Rohr, Sr.

The Phillip H. and Betty L. Wimmer Family Foundation

Junior School

Karl Anthony Calandra

Brooke and Robert Mullin


Financial Aid Endowment

Ann and Dennis Baglier

LaDonna and William Bates

Alice and Edgar Berkey

Joyce and Richard Chalfant

Shelley and John Chesley

Marianne and Anthony Conway

J. Eric and Helen Durfee

Estate of Joseph Pavlovich

Lana and Richard Ferguson

Lilian King and Allan Dodds Frank

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Sharon and James Hardie, Jr.

Harriet R. McCarthy Trust

Elisabeth and John Haskell

David R. Hawkanson

Anne J. and Rest B. Heppenstall

Robert S. Hofmann Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Wendy and Jeffrey Lott

The Douglas G. Mancosh Rev Trust

Bridget and David A. Mancosh, Jr.

Kathy and Douglas G. Mancosh

Ann and Andy Mathieson

Kevin McCarthy

Emilia and Sean McCarthy

Lee Pavlovich

Christine and Philip Pavlovich

Samantha Pfeifer

Dawn and Chris Pruszynski

The Rockwell Foundation

Fran and Philip Rouse

Schwab Charitable Fund

Janet S. and Jerry L. Stephenson

Allyn and John Taylor

Charles Todd

David S. Van der Voort

Hannah and Neil Y. Van Horn

Karen and C. Arthur West III

Faculty Endowment

Mary and Gregory Benckart

Eugene Chwerchak

Kara and Dean Conomikes

Linda and Stephen Halpern

Anne and Rest Heppenstall

Ann and Andrew Mathieson

E. Ronald Salvitti

Kate and Tom Schmitt