In Honor & In Memory

In Honor

In Honor of Robert Abercrombie

Joyce and Michael Holt

In Honor of Eli Abo & Emma Perelman

Nellie Lou Slagle

In Honor of Bobbilyn Anthony

Lyn and Robert Anthony

In Honor of Michael Anthony

Lyn and Robert Anthony

In Honor of Amy Gross Aronowitz


In Honor of the Art Department

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Edward Sheerer

In Honor of A. Wesley Ballantyne

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Caroline and Lars Barkman

Cynthia and Allen Appel

In Honor of Mara Barron

Lori Muntz

In Honor of Cari Batchelar

Meghan and Jose Amayo

In Honor of Adrian, Ciaran and Sean Beckford

Calvin and Janet High

In Honor of Caroline Benec

Sherry Kring and Jennifer Gold

In Honor of Alexander & Michael Biglan

Barbara and Albert Biglan

In Honor of Stacy Blecher

Susan and Aron Blecher

In Honor of Alexandra Bodnarchuk

Leslie and Paul Bodnarchuk

In Honor of Larisa Bodnarchuk

Leslie and Paul Bodnarchuk

In Honor of Pamela Boehm

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Mia Bugarija

Bergita and Nenad Bugarija

In Honor of Christa Burneff

Sarah York Rubin

In Honor of Cameron Casey

Gloria and Donald Casey

In Honor of Sydney Cleveland

Laura Cleveland-Datesman and Miles Datesman

In Honor of Wilson Conley

Amy and James Conley

In Honor of Donald R. Conner, Sr.

Donald R. Conner

In Honor of Austin Davidheiser

Sarah York Rubin

In Honor of Robert & Lauren Davies

Helen and Lawrence Davies

In Honor of Gene Deal

Danica and Bartley P. Griffith, Jr.

In Honor of Crosby Deliman

Maribea Crosby

Marietta and William Crosby

In Honor of Captain John Dingess

Evan Frye

In Honor of Lee Draper

Kevin M. Draper

In Honor of Paul Ejzak

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Jane Sheerer

In Honor of Marty Elkins

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Joseph Felder

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

Madeline W. Sheerer

In Honor of Liam Freeborough

Heather A. Peters

In Honor of Erin, Billy & Ryan Frohlich


In Honor of William P. Getty III

Molly and William Getty, Jr.

In Honor of Elizabeth R. Gill

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gill III

In Honor of Thomas J. Gill IV

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gill III

In Honor of Michele Greene

Jennifer and David Chottiner

Cynthia and Ralph Mino

In Honor of Sherri Hallgren

Elaine Keim

In Honor of my 5th Reunion

Sean Hannon

In Honor of Dana Hardy-Bingham

Jacqueline and Edward Sheerer

In Honor of Timothy J. Hennessey

Mary Alice and Michael Hennessey

In Honor of John Hoffman

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Russell Hunt

Richard and Priscilla Hunt

In Honor of Lowell Innes

Anne and Timothy Smelzer

In Honor of Angela Irvine

Michele and Steven Ament

G. Nicholas Beckwith IV

Suzanne L. Belles

Grant Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Garvey

Carol-Jean McGreevy-Morales and Jorge Morales

Cynthia and Ralph Mino

Lisa and Stanley Nevola

Carol Schneider

Jamie and James Scott

Jennifer and Richard Tony

In Honor of Angela & Jon Kamin

Glimcher Group

In Honor of Lauren, Michael and Kirsten Kann

Jeffrey Kann

In Honor of Amy Katz


In Honor of Mary Krauland

Grant May

In Honor of John Landreth

Elaine Keim

Robin and Graham Westerberg

In Honor of Shelby and Spencer Latterman

Marilyn and Earl Latterman

In Honor of Connor Leemhuis

Gloria and Donald Casey

In Honor of Charilee Levy

Gardens Limited

In Honor of G. Ramsay Liem

Helena Appleton and David Lott

In Honor of Adam Lippard

Susan and Thomas Lippard

In Honor of Gregory Lippard

Susan and Thomas Lippard

In Honor of Jed Lippard

Susan and Thomas Lippard

In Honor of Joshua Loper

Lisa and Kevin Page

In Honor of Tyler Loper

Lisa and Kevin Page

In Honor of Patrick Loughran

Mary and Joseph Loughran

In Honor of Bonnie McCarthy

Benjamin Ross

In Honor of Scott McClure

Carol Schneider

In Honor of Noah & Charlotte McDaniel

Margaret and Richard Goetz

In Honor of Carol-Jean McGreevy-Morales

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Willard Mead

Sima and Paul Krause

In Honor of Teran Mickens

The Mickens Family

In Honor of Tevin Mickens

The Mickens Family

In Honor of Middle School & Senior School Faculty

Kelli and Ivor Wood

In Honor of Jeffrey Miller

Joshua Marks

Nilza and Abhishek Mehta

In Honor of Jan Mills

Camille and Sloan MacRae

In Honor of Shea Minter

Mary and Thomas DeRubeis

In Honor of Dr. Michael O'Neil

Molly Girts

Grant May

In Honor of Joseph Pavlovich

Christine and Philip Pavlovich

In Honor of Pooja Penninti


In Honor of AnnaElaine and Maevis Rosengart

Janet Lee and Matthew Rosengart

In Honor of James & Ilene Ross

Nicole and Andrew Ross

In Honor of William Rudolf

Jennifer and T. J. McCrady

In Honor of A. Creighton Runnette

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Robert Runnette

Claudine and A. Creighton Runnette

In Honor of Dr. Bernard Sauers

Michele and Reid Greene

In Honor of Dan Schreiber

Alece and David L. Schreiber

In Honor of Shady Side Faculty

Dominique DeRubeis

Kenneth A. Glick

In Honor of Lorraine Stump Silver

Patricia Dalby and Harry Stump

In Honor of Melanie Smith

Sarah York Rubin

In Honor of E. J. Strassburger's 50th Reunion

Jill and Adam Barkin

In Honor of Maegan Stump

Patricia Dalby and Harry Stump

In Honor of Dr. John Sutula

Molly and Justin Braver

In Honor of Rocco F. Tarasi III

Rocco Tarasi II

In Honor of Maddie, Christian & Claire Taylor

Molly and Ferd Sauereisen

Gail Taylor

In Honor of Kendall Thomas

Lara Washington and Kenneth Spruill

In Honor of Mike Turner

Anthony Turner

In Honor of Nathan Verbanets

Sarah York Rubin

In Honor of David Vogt

David McCreery

In Honor of Derek Wagler

Elaine Keim

In Honor of Richard L. Wechsler

Natalie Robbins and Carl Kurlander

In Honor of Judge David Wecht's Campaign for PA Supreme Court

Jeffrey Pollock

In Honor of Dov Wecht's Bar Mitzvah and Amanda Mason's Wedding

Jeffrey Pollock

In Honor of Reed Williams

Jennifer and David Chottiner

Whitney Menarcheck

Cynthia and Ralph Mino

In Honor of John Wishart

David McCreery

In Honor of Justin Yuan

Shuhui Wang and Adam Yuan

In Honor of Andrew Zerby

Nuria Pastor-Soler

In Honor of Renee Zingaro

Janet and Thomas Smith, Jr.

In Memory

In Memory of Robert Abercrombie

Richard G. Davis

In Memory of Audrey Ashworth

Reed Williams

In Memory of John Baglier

Ann and Dennis Baglier

Mary and Fred Limbach

In Memory of J. Ray Baldridge, Jr.

Mary Ann and Jay Crane

In Memory of Gerald Baraff

Robert Baraff

In Memory of Nicholas Barnes

Catherine Vodrey

In Memory of John Batchelar

Cari and David Batchelar

In Memory of Creston Baumunk

Alma and David Guy

Kathleen and William Hughes, Jr.

In Memory of Truely Beeson

Alice Kim Blake

In Memory of Zachary Billotte

Meredith Boyle

In Memory of John G. Blashford

Don Blashford

In Memory of Capt. David Bowser

Susan and William Vodrey

In Memory of Frank J. Burry, Jr

Mary Jane Burry

In Memory of Daniel Butts

Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner

In Memory of William DeTillo

Sandra and Robert Arnold

Alice and Edgar Berkey

Kristin Brown

Charles Cheever

Nicholas Coslov

Loretta and Thomas Drelles

Jason Glick

Sean A. Gray

Dana and Richard Green

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

Jennifer and Craig Niemann

Billie and William Tisherman

Leonard Wholey

Josh Wymard and Erin Mullan

In Memory of Todd Drelles

Marie and Speros Drelles

Christine Encelewski

In Memory of Thomas Ferguson, Jr.

Ann and Herbert Ferguson

In Memory of George L. Follansbee

Thomas I. Nary, M.D.

In Memory of Theresa and Steve Formento

Mary Jean Tabacchi

In Memory of Harry Galanty

Jan and Sanford Galanty

In Memory of Stuart G. Goodman

Sandy and Lee Goodman

In Memory of Robert Gray

Stacey and Thomas Gray

In Memory of Richard Gregory

Tamara Kraljic and William Bruno

Lauren Greco

Margaret Hazlett and Matthew Thayer

Judith and Kevin McCarthy

In Memory of Louis Greulich

Elizabeth and L. Geoffrey Greulich

In Memory of John Michael Grzymkowski

Lin and Brook Swinston

In Memory of Harold Hammer

Jihong and John Hammer

In Memory of Erdman Harris

Audrey and John Harper

In Memory of Thelma Marie Hendershot

Carol and Harold Hendershot

In Memory of Robert F. Henninger, Jr.

Henry A. Bergstrom, Jr.

Lynn and E. Martin Hecklinger

Ann and Thomas Vilsack

Betsy and Charles Watkins

In Memory of Edward Hilger, Jr.

Lisa and Steven Hilger

In Memory of Les & Harry Holt

Christine and William Holt

In Memory of David Hunter

Marcia and Peter Hunter

In Memory of Joe Janocha

Carol and Daniel Walker

In Memory of Ruth and F. Walter Jones

Teresa and Samuel Jones

In Memory of Ellen Kander

Benjamin Kander

In Memory of Kusum Kaura

Christine and Vijay Bahl

In Memory of Agnes Dodds Kinard

Lilian King and Allan Dodds Frank

Michael Frank

In Memory of Heather Koschny

Hilary H. and Samuel B. Spector

In Memory of Betty Labun

Patricia and Lance Labun

In Memory of Al and Jennie LaMagna

Yunwha and Richard LaMagna

In Memory of Jennifer Loper

Kathleen and David Knechtel

In Memory of John F. Lott '38

Wendy and Jeffrey Lott

In Memory of David A. Mancosh, Sr.

Constantine Davides

Patricia and Lance Labun

Bridget and David A. Mancosh, Jr.

Kathy and Douglas G. Mancosh

Robert Moffet

Barbara and Jonathan Saxton

In Memory of David Marsh

Mrs. William T. Marsh*

Tracey and Robert M. Marsh

In Memory of Mary "Polly" Marsh (David McNaugher Marsh Memorial Library)

Mary and Scott Aiken

Eleanor and Robert Atwell

Kathleen and James Braham

Gloria and Donald Casey

Peter Corrado

Carol and Howard Forsythe

Karen and Gregory Gerlach

Julia and Charles Grimstad

Marlene Haus

A. J. Jenkins

Mary Anne and Verne Koch

Bettie LaRose

Helen Mathieson

Diana B. McClay

Mrs. William B. Mosle, Jr.

Kristine W. and Lawrence B. Niemann

Diana and Frank Rath, Jr.

May and George Richardson

Anita and Edward Seifert

Beth and C. Donald Smith

Marion Thompson

Comly and Edmond Watters

In Memory of William S. McCardle, Jr.

Barbara McCardle

In Memory of John B. McClay

Diana B. McClay

Barbara and John McClay III

In Memory of John McClester

Ann and John R. McClester, Jr.

In Memory of Jane McGough

Ina and Lawrence Gumberg

In Memory of Aloysius T. McLaughlin, Jr.

Susan and J. Brendan McLaughlin

In Memory of Allan G. Miller, Jr.

Herr-Voss Stamco

In Memory of Arthur I. and Jean E. Murphy

Craig Murphy

In Memory of Laura Rumble O'Connell

Angela Irvine

In Memory of Joseph P. Pavlovich

Judy Hays Daw


EM Energy Employer, LLC

Adriane and Joseph Felder

Becky Fisher

Barbara and Harry Fleishman

Dana and Richard Green

Nancy and O. H. Gruner

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

A. J. Jenkins

Crystal and Jack Marmarella

Rose Marie and Joseph Natoli Jr.

Bonnie and Butch Roher

Nancy and William Sayles

Audrey and William Sterner

Jo Ann and Robert B. Stiffler

Lucie and Hugh Van der Veer

Comly and Edmond Watters

Judy West*

In Memory of William D. Pettit

Mary and John P. Davis, Jr.

In Memory of Richard R. Pivirotto

Jennifer J. McClellan and Richard R. Pivirotto, Jr.

In Memory of Helen M. Posner

Mary and John P. Davis, Jr.

Elsie* and Henry L. Hillman

Karl Krieger

Betsy and Charles Watkins

In Memory of Ronald N. Rosenbach

Dr. and Mrs. Loren M. Rosenbach

In Memory of Charles Schaef

Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner

In Memory of Karen Shapira

Deborah Shapira

In Memory of Stephen Shenkan

Judie and Alan Tapper

In Memory of Edward Sipe

Suzanne Hilger

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Smith

Kim and Shawn Smith

In Memory of Raphael Sotak

Anne L. Fruehauf Kelly and Richard L. Fruehauf

In Memory of William J. Stephens and Elizabeth Ann Stephens

Peter Stephens

In Memory of A. Ernest Succop

Bethany and Augustus Succop III

In Memory of J. Richard Swacus, M.D,

Irene and John Swacus

In Memory of Paula Thomas

Alexander Thomas

In Memory of Robert C. Todd, Jr.

Dorothy and Franklin Agnew III

Mary and Scott Aiken

Judy and William Aiken

Nancy Bartholomew

Janet and G. Scott Baton, II

Dotty and Nick Beckwith

Paul G. Benedum, Jr.

Karen and Robert Brinker

Mary and Fitzhugh Brown

Patricia and Richard Carter

Gloria and Donald Casey

R. Anthony Cook

Blythe and George Davis

Mary and John P. Davis, Jr.

Marie and Louis Emanuel

Nancy and Danforth Fales

Barbara and Harry Fleishman


Nancy Ray Copp Graves

Guyasuta Investment Advisors, Inc.

Dr. Anthony M. and Mrs. Rosanne Isay Harrison

Ann and Philip Heymann

Susan and Ted Hoopes

Elizabeth and E. Alexander Howson

Jeff and Laura Huber

Mary Hunter

iHeart Media

A. J. Jenkins

Elaine and Richard Kappel

Karl Krieger

Laura and Verne Mason

Jane and Pressly H. McCance, Jr.

Diana B. McClay

Patricia and Glenn Meyer

Ann R. and Richard B. Meyer

Elaine and Ronald Morris

Mrs. William B. Mosle, Jr.

Kristine W. and Lawrence B. Niemann

David A. Nimick

Ellen Jane and James S. Pasman, Jr.

John Pinto

Susan and Joseph Robinson, Jr.

Elizabeth and Howard Roughen

Sallly and Edmund Ruffin

Shirley B. and S. Murray Rust III

Sandra Sauereisen and Mark Taylor

Theresa and Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr.

Thomas Sheehan

Beth and C. Donald Smith

Ellen and Carl Srodes

Rachel and Scot Stevens

Elizabeth and Michael Thompson

Judy Walrath

Betsy and Charles Watkins

Ann and Ronald Wertz

Phyllis and William Wilmot

Mary Ann Wilson and Family

In Memory of James Turner

Anthony Turner

In Memory of Cecilia Vaugh

Gwendolyn Williams

In Memory of Cydra Vaux

Ashley Irwin

In Memory of Dr. & Mrs. G. Ray Vilsack

Michaileen and David Vilsack

In Memory of Marc Wedner

Wedner Family Trust

In Memory of David R. Weill III

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

In Memory of David Weill IV

Susan B. Whitney and Timothy A. McVeagh

In Memory of Charles Weiss

Roberta Weiss

In Memory of William Wycoff

Elizabeth and John Beeson, Jr.

Nancy and Edward Byrnes, Jr.

In Memory of Alexander Zuzak

Alfonso Costa