Gifts to Shady Side Academy provide the necessary tools for the best educational experience for our students. Generosity from donors also affords the ability to attract and retain qualified faculty and staff.

Financial Overview

operating incomeOperating Income

Tuition and Fees: $26,010,580 (75%)

Investment Income: $2,673,057 (8%)

Auxiliary: $3,480,014 (10%)

Blue & Gold Fund: $1,363,038 (4%)

Other Sources*: $1,199,410 (3%)

Total Revenue: $34,726,099

operating expenses Operating Expenses

Instructional: $14,650,358 (42%)

Institutional: $5,556,012 (16%)

Financial Aid: $5,676,281 (16%)

Plant: $4,13,125 (12%)

Auxiliary: $3,025,435 (9%)

Other: $1,881,5970 (5%)

Total Expenses: $34,902,808

The Shady Side Academy Report of Philanthropy is available exclusively online for members of the Shady Side Academy community, including donors, alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, parents and friends. Use of this report for personal solicitations or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Every effort has been made to accurately list all donors. Please contact us with any corrections or questions: 412-968-3011 or email us