Blue & Gold Fund

Blue & Gold Fund logoShady Side Academy's Blue & Gold Fund, also known as the annual fund, supports the highest needs of the Academy by providing necessary and critical resources for the annual operating budget.

Our superb faculty, innovative programs, caring community and remarkable range of opportunities in athletics and the arts would not be possible without the generous support of our alumni, parents, faculty and grandparents.

Your Participation Matters!

The Blue & Gold Fund succeeds only as a collective effort; every gift, regardless of size, makes a tangible difference. Even a small increase in the percent of participation or the size of an average gift can have a big impact on our success. In addition, outside funding sources look closely at our alumni and parent participation when reviewing our grant proposals.

Blue & Gold Fund Gift Designations

Your gift to the Blue & Gold Fund can be directed to any of the following areas:


Allow the Academy to use your gift where it is most vitally needed. These funds are used to support the operating budget, which directly benefits our teachers, programs and operations.

President's Discretionary Fund

New this year we've added the President's Discretionary Fund as an option to help successfully launch Bart Griffith's tenure with Shady Side Academy. The President's Discretionary Fund provides funding to support the enrichment and enhancement of programs at Shady Side Academy.  

Financial Aid

These funds provide financial aid resources to help SSA enroll a student population that is highly diverse, talented and motivated to succeed in our unique community.

Faculty Support

These funds enable faculty members to grow and share professionally throughout their careers, supporting teacher work in all academic departments, professional development activities and curricular planning.

Science & Technology

These funds help to provide current hardware, software, lab spaces and the finest curriculum across our four campuses, so that Shady Side students are on the cutting edge of science and technology.


These funds ensure that Shady Side students from PK-12 are immersed in activities that foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts while inspiring personal creativity and individual expression through music, theatre and visual arts.


These funds ensure that SSA students have the opportunity to compete on championship-caliber athletic teams, maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and build character development skills such as teamwork and self-respect.

Buildings & Grounds

Shady Side's unique architecture, dormitories, classrooms, outdoor learning spaces, labs and verdant campuses require constant care and attention. Designate your gift to this fund to help maintain the academic and athletic facilities on all four campuses, or choose the Country Day, Junior, Middle or Senior School campus.


Enabling students to become self-directed learners and reach their highest potential, this fund provides access to global information and the necessary tools and resources to conduct research and solve intellectual challenges.


The boarding and residential life program offer unique opportunities for students to experience increased independence and additional mentoring with faculty and coaches, as well as developing lifelong friendships with fellow boarders at the Senior School.