SSA Farm

The SSA Farm is an Academy-wide sustainability initiative, with garden plots located at all four Shady Side campuses. The SSA Farm was born on the far fields of the Senior School campus in 2012, and expanded to include gardens at the Middle and Junior School in 2013 and at Country Day School in 2016. The farm is integrated into the curriculum and student life in grades PK-12.

Farm Goals

  • Sustainability – To provide fresh produce to the SSA dining halls, and to patrons of the weekly on-campus Fox Chapel Farmers Market
  • Experiential Learning – To provide unique, hands-on learning experiences for students in multiple disciplines, including science and economics
  • Leadership – To provide leadership opportunities for Senior School students, and to encourage mentoring of younger students
  • Community – To create a community of volunteers with common interests that spans the entire SSA community

Farm Facts

  • 600 pounds of vegetables are harvested annually from the SSA Farm plots on all four campuses.
  • 75% of the summer harvest is sold at the Fox Chapel Farmers Market; the rest is used by the cafeteria for SSA Summer camps.
  • 70% of the fall harvest is used by the school cafeterias; the rest is sold at the Farmers Market.

Interdisciplinary Connections

The SSA Farm curriculum provides interdisciplinary, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for PK-12 students on all four campuses: