Middle School Students at Shady Side AcademyShady Side Academy is a diverse community of students and adults who share different cultural values and perspectives.

We embrace each other's differences and backgrounds, and know that this diversity adds to the richness and depth of our students' overall learning experience.

Faculty members work to ensure a safe and open environment where understanding is central to all, and students’ differences are celebrated as an integral part of the educational experience.

Declaration for a Diverse & Inclusive Community

In 2007, the Shady Side Academy Board of Trustees approved the following statement on the Academy's commitment to diversity:

As an Academy, we must cultivate, understand and embrace the differences among us as part of our educational endeavor. Academy leadership, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and students provide an example by fostering an environment of understanding and respect of all people. Further, we must instruct and empower children to challenge assumptions and ask questions in order to become responsible citizens in a diverse world. We believe that the recognition and appreciation of differences in race, socio-cultural status, religious tradition, age, gender, ability and sexual orientation enhance the individual's sense of identity, broaden respect for others and inspire strong character. As we strive for academic excellence, so shall we strive for richness and depth in the community life at Shady Side Academy. Through curriculum and informal school experiences, students at Shady Side Academy must appreciate and respect the inherent value of all people.

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Lillian Grate
Director of Equity, Inclusion and Community Relations

>Email • 412-447-2213


Shady Side Academy is one of the founding members of the Fund for Advancement of Minorities through Education (FAME), which provides need-based financial assistance to African-American students to attend participating independent schools in Pittsburgh.