Two Ways to Board

Five-Day and Seven-Day Boarding Options

Dorm LifeSome of our Senior School students get their first taste of independence when they become boarders in our program. Structured independence in a safe, nurturing environment is what makes Shady Side’s boarding program unique. The program provides a preview of college life and helps make that transition an easy one.

Students can board with us for five days, arriving on Sunday after 1 p.m. and traveling home on Friday afternoons, or they may board full-time. Either way, the Shady Side Academy boarding program provides:

  • Adult supervision in a family environment
  • After-hours access to Academy facilities such as the gym, pool, the Hillman Center for Performing Arts, Benedum Visual Arts Center and McKnight Hockey Center
  • After-hours access to teachers
  • An on-campus Health Center with a nurse on duty 24/7
  • Evening cultural and event excursions on campus
  • Life skills programs designed to help students mature into decisive, ethical young adults
  • The opportunity to establish life-long friendships
  • A Friday night boarding option for students regardless of whether a five- or seven-day boarder

We treat our community of boarders as an extended family that studies, learns, works, plays and grows together. All of this take place in a supportive, 24-hour environment staffed by adults who are dedicated to the success and well-being of each individual.

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What Parents Say About Boarding

"It's impossible to know who my daughter would be now if she were not boarding, but I believe that her boost in confidence and improvement in academics is directly related to being a seven-day boarder. She has dozens of friends, role models and support people. She has learned to be responsible and has been encouraged to be empathetic and supportive of others. Thank you and the rest of the staff for all you do to help my kid and the other boarders make this transition and learn the skills needed for adulthood."