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Welcome to the Shady Side Academy Senior School boarding program, where we work to cultivate trust, a sense of community and intellectual spirit.

Community develops from having a collective sense of purpose, and in Shady Side’s boarding program this purpose can be broadly defined as learning and having fun together. In building trust and intellectual spirit, we hold our students to high expectations, both in their academic and social development. An enthusiastic team of dorm advisors and on-campus faculty members know the students well and develop strong relationships with the boarders. Along with actively supervising the boarders, the residential life faculty offers academic support in their discipline and a listening ear when needed.

Boarders at Shady Side may live with us for five or seven days. These options allow students the opportunity to do what works best for them and for their families. By being campus residents, students benefit from greater access to school resources: teachers, coaches, the art center, the gym, the ice rink, the theater and campus events. Boarders begin to assume more responsibility and independence in a well-supervised setting, which helps prepare them for a smooth transition from high school to college.

The city of Pittsburgh offers tremendous resources for all of our students, and boarders have the opportunity to spend their weekends experiencing all that the city has to offer. A thriving arts community, beautiful rivers and parks, a legacy of strong sports teams, neighborhoods with distinct histories and personalities – all of these expand our community in ways that enrich boarders' lives.

We encourage families to consider boarding as an opportunity to enrich their child's high school experience and look forward to sharing more about what makes the Shady Side Academy residential experience special.

Boarding at Shady Side Academy

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What Parents Say About Boarding

"It's impossible to know who my daughter would be now if she were not boarding, but I believe that her boost in confidence and improvement in academics is directly related to being a seven-day boarder. She has dozens of friends, role models and support people. She has learned to be responsible and has been encouraged to be empathetic and supportive of others."

What Students Say About Boarding

"I really do believe that my education at Shady Side would not have been as complete without my boarding experience. I became a more complete person as a boarder, and I gained valuable friendships that continue to grow today."