Athletics play an integral role in the educational experience at the Senior School. The positive character traits developed through athletic participation have a direct correlation to greater individual success after high school. It is the Athletic Department‘s goal to make the student‘s experience with the SSA athletic program educational and enjoyable. 

All Senior School students must complete two terms of athletic activity each academic year. Athletic activity offerings are broken into two categories: interscholastic athletics and intramural activities. 

Interscholastic Athletics

Interscholastic athletics emphasize the progressive development of individual and team skills, enabling our teams to compete at a high level within their respective leagues. Many of our interscholastic programs offer multiple levels of team participation, including freshman, junior varsity, varsity and prep.

The primary goals at the freshman and junior varsity levels are skill development, physical conditioning, knowledge of strategy, discipline, fun, and participation. Success is encouraged and is balanced with student participation and individual preparation for upper-level teams.

At the varsity and prep levels of competition, teams are selected according to ability, and students with the requisite skills and experience to play at a high level are chosen. The primary goal is to field highly competitive teams. Shady Side Academy athletes are expected to exhibit excellence in all aspects of sport, including athletic skill, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. In addition, athletes must display pride in self and in Shady Side Academy. With varsity and prep level selection, athletes must make a commitment to practice and compete throughout the entire season, including preseason and postseason playoff appearances. 

Visit the Athletics section of the website for team schedules and more.

Intramural Activities

Intramural activities stress both fitness and lifetime participation in sport. These offerings provide opportunities for students who are not involved in the interscholastic athletic program at the varsity/JV level. All intramural activities meet after school and students may choose the one that best suits their interests.

Athletic Offerings by Term

Interscholastic Athletics Intramural Activities
Cheerleading (Coed) Badminton
Cross Country (Boys & Girls) Ice Hockey
Football (Coed) Swimming
Field Hockey (Girls) Ultimate Frisbee
Golf (Boys & Girls) WSSA Broadcast Team
Soccer (Boys & Girls) Yoga
Tennis (Girls)  
Volleyball (Girls)  
Basketball (Boys & Girls) Cheerleading
Ice Hockey (Boys & Grils) Track
Squash (Boys & Girls) Group Fitness
Swimming (Boys & Grils) WSSA Broadcast Team
Winter Musical  
Baseball (Boys) Adventure Sports
Lacrosse (Boys & Girls) Golf
Softball (Girls) Intramural Sports
Tennis (Boys) Squash
Track & Field (Boys & Girls) WSSA Broadcast Team
Ultimate Frisbee (Boys & Girls)  

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