Athletics play an integral role in the educational experience at the Senior School. Students are required to participate in the athletic program. The positive character traits developed through athletic participation have a direct correlation to greater individual success after high school. It is the Athletics Department‘s goal to make the student‘s experience with the SSA athletic program educational and enjoyable.

Shady Side’s athletic program is divided into three distinct areas: athletics, physical education and health. Athletics and PE run from 3:50-5:35 p.m. every school day.

Athletic Team Participation

The primary goals at the junior varsity and freshman team levels are skill development, physical conditioning, knowledge of strategy, discipline, fun and game participation. Success in competition is encouraged but not at the expense of student participation or individual preparation for an upper-level team. At the highest level of competition, teams are selected according to ability, and students with the requisite skills and experience are chosen.

At the varsity level, one of the primary goals is to field highly competitive teams. Student-athletes are expected to exhibit excellence in skill, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship as well as pride in self and in Shady Side Academy. The best combination of players will participate. Equal playing time and/or playing every game are not guaranteed. Emphasis is placed on the value of respect for self, others and the game. Positive encouragement is expected from all participants, as well as acting with graciousness in victory as well as in defeat.

Physical Education


Physical education stresses fitness and lifetime carryover sports, and is required of all Form V and VI students who are not involved in the athletic program. All physical education programs, except PE Option, meet after school and require the student to choose the one that best suit his/her interests. PE programs include fitness, ice hockey, swimming, adventure sports and yoga.


Athletic & PE Options by Term

Girls Boys Coed
Cheerleading Cross Country Badminton
Cross Country Golf Crew
Field Hockey Football PE Fitness
Golf Soccer Golf
Soccer   PE Ice Hockey
Tennis   PE Swimming
    PE Volleyball
    Ultimate Frisbee
Basketball Basketball PE Crew
Ice Hockey Ice Hockey PE Fitness
Squash Squash PE Track
Swimming Swimming PE Winter Musical
    PE Yoga
Lacrosse Baseball PE Adventure Sports
Softball Lacrosse Crew
Track & Field Tennis PE Farm
  Track & Field PE Fitness
    Ultimate Frisbee