Middle School Head's Letters

June 2018

Dear Parents,

The end of the school year is upon us, and with that comes the opportunity to look at these incredible children and take stock of all that they have accomplished in a single year. It spoke volumes to me last week that sixth and seventh graders stepped up to perform for our Morning Break Time Concert series, because it takes a certain amount of courage, confidence and faith to stand up, alone, in front of the student body and play an instrument or sing (or both!). The responses have been enthusiastic and loud, and it is terrific to watch our community support our younger children in this way.

The Form II trip to Washington, D.C., was another example of this growth. Our kids have clearly absorbed the Guiding Principles on a fundamental level, as they demonstrated all five of them daily and had a great experience in the meantime. Children took turns pushing one classmate’s wheelchair, guiding him carefully throughout D.C., and the girls had a giant group text to keep everyone involved together. These are just two small examples of the care and comradery that we have witnessed at the end of the year.

Form II in Washignton DC

The growth of your children over the last nine months has been nothing short of remarkable, in every way. Of course they know more math and can write more intricate essays, but they also have made new friends, learned how to work together as a team and learned how to advocate for themselves when necessary. They have learned to plan, and they have learned when and how to speak up. They have learned how to disagree thoughtfully and how to listen carefully. Some of the lessons they learned came easily, and some were not easy at all, but they had support from home and from school throughout the year. We thank you for your partnership in this sometimes tricky endeavor, and for the communication that makes it possible.

Along with the general thank you to all of our parents, I want to specifically thank the Parents’ Association for its hard work, generosity and support to all of the students and the faculty this year. Middle School Division Chair Stephanie Gleason and her teams of willing and faithful volunteers staffed countless Bagel Days, Faculty Fridays, the Book Fair, ski trips (!) and other events so that the students and faculty would be able to have those treats or experiences that help make our days more special. This community is a wonderful place to be, and all of those extra efforts make it even more so. You have our heartfelt thanks for that.

This week we have our many culminating events, and we hope to see many of you here for them. We will be graduating a wonderful Form II class, and watching carefully as they stride across the stage. Those little sixth graders that they started out as are still in there, but they look all grown up. They will carry with them so many experiences and skills as they walk off that stage, and we are so proud of each and every one of them. Thank you for sharing them with us!

On behalf of everyone here at the Middle School we wish you all a wonderful summer together with your children, full of fun and laughter, vacations or staycations, and time for a restful pause in between the busy school years. Enjoy your children in this amazing in-between time of their lives, when they are children with flashes of remarkable maturity, yet still playful and delightfully silly. And thank you for partnering with us this year.


Amy B. Nixon
Head of Middle School