Athletics and Activities

MS AthleticsAt the Middle School, we strongly believe that skills and lessons learned on the athletic field and the dramatic stage can be just as important in life as academic accomplishments. Our co-curricular program of athletics and activities provides each student with choices that include competitive team sports, non-competitive group sports, drama, art and science.

Each student chooses one activity in each season, with at least one physically engaging option per year. Students are coached by faculty members and outside coaches, with the goal to provide students with fundamental skills and strategies, while continuing to challenge them in a positive manner.

Lessons that can be learned in these afternoon activities include winning and losing with dignity and character. Coaches stress the importance of sportsmanship, perseverance, teamwork and cooperation. Opportunities for leadership are also available to all students at all levels and within every team.

Middle School Athletic Teams and Schedules

Athletic & Actvity Choices

Fall Winter Spring
Coed Cross Country 6/7/8 Boys Basketball 6/7/8 Boys Baseball 6/7/8
Girls Field Hockey 6/7/8 Girls Basketball 6/7/8 Boys Lacrosse 6/7/8
Boys Instructional Football* 6 Boys Ice Hockey 6/7/8 Girls Lacrosse 6/7/8
Boys Football 7/8Girls Ice Hockey 6/7/8Girls Softball 6/7/8
Coed Soccer 6Coed Squash* 6/7/8Coed Competitive Tennis 6/7/8
Boys Soccer 7/8Coed Swimming 6/7/8Coed Recreational Tennis* 6/7/8
Girls Soccer 7/8Coed Fitness & Conditioning* 6/7/8Coed Track & Field 6/7/8
Coed Intramurals & Fitness* 6/7/8Science Olympiad 6/7/8Farm* 6/7/8
Drama: Fall Play* 6/7/8Drama: Winter Musical* 6/7/8Literary Magazine* 6/7/8
Studio Art* 6/7/8

*Non-competitive option.