Classroom Technology

Junior School computer classJunior School students are introduced to technology tools that will allow them to be successful learners throughout their time at SSA. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum in meaningful ways and is used to engage students as collaborators, designers, performers and scientists

Students receive formal technology instruction through computer classes beginning in kindergarten. The computer teacher also collaborates with classroom teachers to integrate technology into a variety of interdisciplinary class projects. As 21st century learners, we focus on:

  • Technology Operations and Concepts - by developing age appropriate mouse and keyboarding skills.
  • Creativity and Innovation - by publishing, writing, illustrating, storyboarding, producing video and photographing with digital cameras, just to name a few
  • Communication and Collaboration - by being part of a global community as we participate in local, national and international projects via wikis, blogs and Skype
  • Research and Information Fluency - by thoughtfully searching for relevant sources to prepare for multimedia and graphical poster presentations, as well as evaluating websites and comparing search engines
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making - by programming, troubleshooting and designing interactive stories, animations, games, music and art
  • Digital Citizenship - by participating in ongoing, developmentally appropriate discussions and activities to reinforce computer ethics and safety

Technology Resources

  • A 1:1 iPad program in fifth grade to provide a daily technology-rich environment for these student school leaders
  • A mobile iPad lab that can be utilized by teachers in any grade or subject
  • Two Idea Labs equipped with iPads, laptops and SMART Boards, plus erasable white-board paint on the walls and comfortable cushion seating, to encourage imagination and creativity
  • A PC desktop computer lab that accommodates regular computer classes as well as supplemental experiences
  • Classroom SMART Boards (interactive whiteboards) that teachers use daily to reinforce lessons and activities
  • A mobile laptop cart that enables seamless technology integration by both classroom and specialist teachers in any class.
  • A robotics and maker space with LEGO robotics kits and table for use by science classes and after-school robotics program.

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