Junior School Greek Museum 2021

The Greek Museum is an interdisciplinary class project that integrates literature, writing, history, costume design and public speaking. Students must research their assigned historical figures, design their own costumes, and write their own speeches for the performance. The fourth grade teachers are Marci Anderson, Lisa Budd, and Chris Donato.

The Junior School’s 23rd Annual Fourth Grade Greek Museum took place in person on Wednesday, May, 12, on the school field. Fourth graders dressed in costume as Greek mythological figures and posed on hay bale pedestals 8 feet apart. Student and faculty visitors to the museum stood in designated spots 6 feet away and pressed a makeshift button on the ground to make each statue come to life and tell their story.

Click the tiles below to watch the Greek gods and goddesses come to life and give a speech about his or her personal history.

Congratulations, fourth grade, on wonderful performances!