Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten


Country Day School’s pre-kindergarten offers a learning atmosphere that promotes inquiry, discovery, creativity and enthusiasm for learning. Nurturing teachers offer kindness and encouragement as children begin their educational journeys while building self-confidence and independence in each child. Children enjoy hands-on learning and an enormous amount of time exploring and playing in our beautiful outdoor classroom as well as in bright spacious indoor classrooms. Play is valued as a mode through which young children learn. Therefore, time is dedicated to spontaneous play and building gross motor skills, balanced with playful learning opportunities where lessons come to life.

In Kindergarten we create a safe community where learners grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Ongoing assessments and personal interactions enable us to differentiate instruction to meet each student's academic needs. We create a caring and nurturing environment that enables us to celebrate what makes each child unique and through each interaction we strive to build their self-confidence and independence. Throughout the Kindergarten day, students engage in hands-on learning and purposeful play. Students work and play in an environment where they are free to take risks, make mistakes and try again, ask questions, and experiment and explore with a variety of mediums. As a Kindergarten team, we recognize the importance of and value partnerships with our families and community members.