Team Details


Ultimate was introduced to Shady Side by faculty members Dawson Haytock and Chad Fularz, who ran a spirited but non-competitive program teaching students the fundamentals and spirit of the game. In 2005, a group of soccer players approached history teacher Matt Weiss about sponsoring a PE option to create a team that would play in the recently formed Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League (PHUL). AD Gene Deal approved the idea, and the team was born, reaching the state semifinals in its second year of existence. Taylor Phillips '06 was a pioneer on the team, playing as the only girl and serving as a co-captain. In 2007, Stacey Mates '08 recruited enough friends to start a girls' team.

Both teams have continued to play in the PHUL, a unique league of more than 50 teams that is, for the most part, run by the student players, who schedule their own games, arrange venues, secure uniforms, provide transportation and, as a component of the sport, are player-referees in this self-officiated game. SSA's program stresses building skills, working together, playing with absolute integrity and respect for ourselves, our opponents and the game, itself.