Mascot Search

On July 1, 2020, the Board of Trustees announced it had unanimously voted to discontinue the use of the Indian as SSA’s mascot and team name, effective immediately. The Board charged the administration with developing a collaborative process for the selection of a new mascot and team name that would engage alumni, students, parents and faculty, with the goal of announcing a new mascot by Dec. 31, 2020. On Aug. 3, President Bart Griffith ’93 announced the formation of the Mascot Committee, co-chaired by Bob Grandizio Jr. ’91 and Jamie (Brush) Scott ’98 and listed below. Updates from the committee on the mascot selection process will be posted on this page.

Mascot Semifinalists

On October 28, the Mascot Search Committee announced the following 22 semifinalists, narrowed down from more than 600 suggestions from the community. Now, SSA students, alumni, faculty/staff and parents are invited to choose up to three favorites on the Mascot Preferences Survey by noon EST Wednesday, Nov. 4, and the search committee will use the survey results to select the finalists. Check the Oct. 28 email for the survey link. (Didn’t get an email? Email Jamie (Brush) Scott ’98.) 

Note: Some suggestions were submitted with descriptors such as Golden, Mighty, Fighting, etc. Once the mascot is selected, those descriptors will be considered in the future branding process later this spring.

 Bison  Strength as a herd. Former presence in Western Pennsylvania. 
 Bulldogs  Exemplifies guardianship. Loyal, but aggressive. 
 Griffins/Gryphons   Mythical half lion/half eagle. Symbolizes courage and leadership. 
 Lions  Pride of lions work together as a team. Largest big cat mascot. 
 Sharks  Aggressive and smart. Intimidating predator. 
 Squirrels  Abundant on all four campuses. Hard working and agile. 
 Triceratops (Toppers)   Three horns and three school divisions. Known to kill a T-Rex. Triceratops statue in Rowe Hall. 
 Wolves/Wolfpack    Strength as a team. Persistent, smart, devoted to community. 
 Eagles  Symbol of strength. Independent, noble and high-achieving. 
 Falcons  Fastest bird of prey. Population on the rise locally. 
 Hawks  Keen vision, graceful and tenacious. Often found soaring SSA campuses. 
 Herons  Smart and hard working. Natural blue and gold color scheme. 
 Owls  Wise, 360 vision. Ferocious and stealthy. 
 Phoenix  Mythical, immortal bird. Symbol of hope and rebirth.
 Inanimate Objects  
 Blazers  A nod to SSA formal dress. A beacon that burns brightly. 
 Blue & Gold  Original nickname of SSA.
 Oaks (trees)  Great strength. Symbol of growth. Many on SSA campuses. 
 Pride  A group of lions. A nod to SSA's community pride. 
 Steel  Connections to Pittsburgh industry. Strength and versatility. 
 Storm  Powerful force of nature. A nod to Pittsburgh weather. 
 Thunder  Force of nature. Powerful and awe-inspiring. 
 Torch  Centerpiece to SSA seal. Symbol of leadership. 


Mascot Search Process