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Tuition Grant Program

Alumni are the backbone of Shady Side Academy. For more than 130 years, alumni have supported our progress every step of the way. The dedicated and loyal support of Shady Side alumni over the years has made possible the Alumni Tuition Grant Program.


The Alumni Tuition Grant Program offers grants to academically talented children of alumni who may not qualify for need-based financial aid, based on their income and assets, but would find the cost of full tuition unaffordable. It is open to alumni families whose total household income is between $150,000 and $300,000.


To be eligible, a student must be a new applicant for grades SPK-6 and grade 9 and must complete all components of the admissions application process. Families are required to participate in a qualification assessment, which includes a review of income and assets.


Alumni families whose child is admitted by the Admissions Committee, and who submitted the necessary financial information, will be considered for participation in the program. The number of grants per grade will be impacted by the number of available spaces and the overall applicant pool. Notification of selection will be made in a letter included with the admissions packet indicating the grant amount.


Families accepted into the program will receive annual awards of between 10 to 25 percent of tuition. Awards are granted for only one year of pre-kindergarten. Grants are renewable annually through grade 12, contingent upon two criteria: the student remains in good standing, the criteria of which will be determined at the sole discretion of Shady Side Academy; and the family’s income does not exceed the eligibility range, at which point the family would assume responsibility for full tuition.

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SSA's three full-time college counselors are dedicated to helping our students to find "best fit" colleges and universities that will nurture their abilities and undiscovered talents, while allowing them to realize their career aspirations. Our graduates go on to attend some of the nation's finest colleges and universities.

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