In the Junior School, our families come from all over the world. This diversity produces a wonderful experience for all of our students, who gain unique perspectives on cultures that may be different from their own. To celebrate the Junior School’s diverse community, we hold an International Fair on campus and invite families to participate.

Families bring their native countries to life in different classrooms through decorations, artifacts, food and presentations on history, culture and customs. Students dress in clothing that represents their own family heritage and receive a passport that is stamped as they visit each country. One year, students watched a demonstration of Chinese waist drum dance, listened to a creation myth about the Philippines, tried jalebi – a common Pakistani candy – and touched ebony artifacts from Sudan. Other countries in the International Fair have included Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ghana, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Serbia and Sweden.

Beginning with our youngest students, it is a priority at Shady Side to instill global perspectives and a deep appreciation for all cultures.

science students in lab McIlroy Center

HOW WILL YOU immerse Your Child in a community that welcomes and celebrates all?