Our Country Day School students spend weeks preparing a musical drama for the annual holiday show each December. During practice, students step out of their comfort zones, take creative risks and support their fellow cast members – all in the environment of an authentic, real-world production. Their efforts culminate in an evening of song, dance and drama that expresses the joy of theater. The holiday show features songs, stories and traditions of cultures across the globe, honoring the different ways people observe holidays.

At both of our elementary campuses, students gain experience standing on stage before a crowd – whether by performing in shows and skits or by speaking at school assemblies. The holiday show represents just one example of how Shady Side ensures students grow comfortable in the spotlight.

We understand the value of clear public speaking in every level of education and all phases of life. Beginning in the youngest grades and continuing through the Middle and Senior Schools, we instill the courage, confidence and oral communication skills that distinguish our graduates in college and career.

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