HOW WE Learn

Country Day School first graders meet with management and staff at a local restaurant to see all the jobs and effort that contribute to making their food and running a successful business. After the trip, the students work together to open their own restaurant for their parents. Students vote for their preferred restaurant name, visit the grocery store, write and mail invitations, create menus and handle table reservations.

Students then turn their classroom into a restaurant and help cook delicious meals for their families. Each child completes his or her own assigned tasks – from taking food orders to adding measured ingredients to cleaning tables and dishes – in making sure the restaurant runs smoothly.

Besides expanding their writing, speaking and math skills, students also begin to realize the importance of their classroom learning as they apply their knowledge to the world around them in a meaningful, memorable way. From the beginning of their academic careers, Shady Side introduces clear communication, respectful collaboration and shared responsibility as positive values for our youngest learners.

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HOW WILL YOU Introduce real-world learning opportunties to your child?