HOW WE innovate

Shady Side faculty members display a tireless commitment to our students. They provide personal attention in the classroom, offering the right amount of challenge for each student. Most importantly, they craft an original curriculum with projects and resources that best prepare students for the next level.

In the Middle School, our Chinese language teacher writes her own curriculum, which reinforces concepts in a way that traditional textbooks do not allow. She incorporates iPad technology and develops projects that enrich students’ learning and immerse them in the Chinese language. For instance, students learn to write Chinese characters using a whiteboard mirroring app. As they draw characters with their fingers on the iPads, they are projected on a SMARTBoard, so the teacher can assist them as they practice.

Students in our Chinese language program continue to excel in the Senior School. In fact, many place into Chinese 2 or 2A as freshmen and progress to take the AP Chinese exam as seniors –in 2018, all 18 seniors achieved a passing grade of 3 or higher on the AP exam.

In every discipline, Shady Side faculty possess the talent and expertise to instill a foundation of essential skills in our students.

science students in lab McIlroy Center

HOW WILL YOU ensure Your Child learns from innovative teachers?