HOW WE Guide

Our three full-time college counselors provide regular, one-on-one counseling to students and families, and meet directly with college admissions officers across the country. Our counselors possess the expertise and tools to ensure our students find their best-fit school, pursue their passions and achieve in a wide array of programs and fields.

Our college counseling staff visits approximately 50 college campuses and welcomes nearly 140 admissions officers to Shady Side every year. As a result, our staff builds and maintains strong relationships with college admissions representatives and provides Shady Side students with firsthand knowledge of as many schools as possible. Through their connections with admissions representatives, our counselors not only act as advocates for Shady Side students in admissions decisions, but they also ensure students represent themselves well through an impressive transcript and moving application essay.

Our process of self-exploration, research and decision-making begins officially with individual meetings in the winter of junior year. Our counselors take the time to understand each student, his or her family, and their financial situation, ensuring he or she can make the most informed decision and find the school with the best fit.

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HOW WILL YOU guide your child toward success at a top college?