In our Junior School, fourth grade students don’t just study Greek mythology, they bring the gods and goddesses to life.

Shady Side knows that children learn better when they actively participate in the educational experience. The fourth grade Greek Museum project is a highlight of the Junior School experience and generates enthusiasm among the students for mythological figures and their stories. Throughout the school’s second floor, costumed students act as Greek statues by posing on decorated pedestals. At each pedestal, museum guests press a button, which brings the statue to life. Students then give a speech about the mythical figure they represent.

The project is interdisciplinary in nature, integrating literature, writing, research, history, costume design and public speaking. Every fourth grader researches their assigned god or goddess, designs their costume and writes their own speech to perform.

Interdisciplinary learning at Shady Side represents our balanced approach to education and gives students the chance to contribute their full knowledge and talent to the project at hand.

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