HOW WE Discover

Our sixth graders follow the excavation process of actual archaeologists as they unearth 3-D printed “artifacts” from on-campus archaeology pits. Working with a partner, students carefully dig around and remove objects designed to represent tools and everyday items from different cultures and time periods. Then, they learn how to analyze and contextualize their findings by imagining the skills, responsibilities and lifestyles of people in these cultures.

At Shady Side, our hands-on approach to our curriculum sparks students’ curiosity and takes advantage of our beautiful surroundings. We introduce immersive educational experiences in the outdoors, where students embrace learning in a new environment. In this particular project, we create the artifacts in our Middle School 3-D printing lab, incorporating technology and history. As students handle and classify each object, they relate to the lives and perspectives of people from around the world.

Through these participative learning experiences, students gain a sense of curiosity and openness to learning, while developing the critical-thinking skills they will need later in life.

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