HOW WE Design

In architecture class, our Senior School students draft original structures with computer-aided design (CAD) software. Considered a highly marketable skill by college programs and employers, CAD experience opens the doors for students across many engineering and design fields. Our students then bring their plans to life by producing intricate 3-D models of their structures, allowing them to see the tangible results of their creativity. By working one-on-one with advanced technology, Shady Side students develop a comfort with the type of software that many students don’t experience until college.

Shady Side’s Senior School curriculum includes classes that immerse students in their passion, provide real-life training, and provide a window into the careers of industry professionals. Such courses are invaluable at the high school level. For instance, our students can determine if pursuing a career in architecture is really for them – before ever stepping foot on a college campus. From architecture to our glass class, the array of hands-on courses in our Senior School provide avenues for students to find inspiration, express their creativity and engage fully in their learning.

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HOW WILL YOU design a successful future for your child?