HOW WE Connect

Our Middle School students write, perform and record rap songs, using their knowledge of historical events and stories from the Revolutionary War as material. Dressed in colonial military garb, students collaborate to film and edit music videos that even include background effects on our green screen.

Our seventh grade social studies curriculum brings history to life for the students. As students write lyrics depicting colonial America, they develop a deeper understanding of the themes and events surrounding the origins of the United States. The project allows students to apply their creative talents and engage with their learning on a higher level. By actively participating in historical material, Shady Side students view today’s world through new perspectives and better connect with the lives of important figures in our past.

Shady Side faculty present new ways for students to immerse themselves in the curriculum, feeding students’ curiosity and increasing their recall far beyond rote memorization. Throughout our school, our curriculum integrates technology into hands-on projects and challenges students to embrace their intellect and creativity.

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HOW WILL YOU encourage your child to connect the past to the present?