HOW WE Challenge

Our exceptional faculty inspires students like Henry Friedlander ’18 to pursue their passions. A Middle School English teacher, knowing Henry’s interest in coding, encouraged him to develop an app that helps students practice their grammar. Henry expanded his coding skills in his Senior School computer science classes while working on the app outside of school. After four years of development and testing, Henry presented his app to the Middle School English faculty in the fall of his senior year, and the app is now being used in our sixth grade English classes.

The app, Grammatica Academy, automatically generates practice sentences for students to hone their grammar skills. Students start by choosing a grammar category such as nouns, verbs or capitalization. The app displays sentences for students to identify specific parts of speech or capitalization mistakes in a speedy, lightning-round-style game.

Shady Side faculty members push students to ask questions, take initiative and discover solutions. Our faculty gets to know each student as an individual – making the effort to understand his or her passions, so they can present the curriculum in the most engaging way possible. As a result, our students feel inspired and supported, empowering them to take intellectual risks and achieve their dreams.

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