HOW WE Build

At our two elementary schools, our youngest students explore mathematics using manipulatives in our innovative Math in Focus: Singapore Math curriculum. This method of teaching is based on the curriculum taught in Singapore, where students consistently score at the top of international math proficiency studies. Singapore Math teaches concepts using a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract learning progression, which anchors learning in real-world, hands-on experiences. After learning number sense, place value and basic operations with concrete objects like blocks or buttons, older students draw bar models to visually represent word problems and number relationships. Each new segment of the curriculum builds on previous lessons, instilling deep mathematical understanding and strong problem-solving skills.

No matter the subject, Shady Side faculty members teach using the most effective methods for each child, ensuring he or she fully masters the material. We present the curriculum in real-world terms, building a deeper comprehension of the fundamentals and empowering students to achieve.

The Singapore Math method continues through pre-algebra in the Middle School, boosting students’ confidence and preparing them for algebra, geometry and the problem-based math courses at the Senior School.

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HOW WILL YOU build a strong foundation for your child?