How will you build a strong foundation for your child?

How will you nurture his curiosity?

How will you ensure she embraces challenge?

Because "How" Matters

“How” encompasses our entire educational philosophy: academic rigor, passionate faculty, individual attention, hands-on learning, exceptional arts and athletics programs, and more. With an innovative curriculum and talented teachers on four campuses, Shady Side Academy provides the opportunities and guidance for students to develop confidence, critical-thinking skills and an openness to collaboration.

Our graduates leave Shady Side ready to succeed at top colleges and in distinguished careers. And it’s all because of “how” – how they’ve built a foundation of knowledge and values; how they’ve confronted and overcome challenges; and how they’ve grown as scholars and leaders.

How will you prepare your child to succeed?

How We EQuip

Senior School students use college-level lab equipment to make observations with real-world applications.

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How We Write

Our Junior School students write, edit, illustrate and publish their own books, exercising their imagination and expressing their creativity.

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How We Engineer

Equipped with only pencils and rubber bands, eighth graders compete to design and construct the strongest catapult.

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At our Country Day School, students find exciting learning opportunities throughout our 17 wooded acres.

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Fourth graders bring mythological gods and goddesses to life in our Greek Museum project.

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How We engage

In a social justice class, our Senior School students produce investigatory podcasts on local Pittsburgh issues, going out into the city to interview affected residents.

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"How" Influences Who They Will Become.


How We debate

While playing the role of town officials, consultants and environmentalists, our Middle School students debate proposed energy initiatives in an environmental simulation.

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How We Learn

At our Country Day School, senior pre-K teachers allow students to direct the learning experience according to their interests.

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How We Design

In architecture class, our Senior School students draft original structures with computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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How We Build

At our elementary schools, an innovative Singapore Math curriculum anchors learning in real-world, hands-on experiences.

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We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by making it a day of service, not just a day “off” from school.

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Our three full-time college counselors possess the expertise and tools to ensure our students find their best-fit school.

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"How" inspires Where They Will Go.



Advanced physics students independently design and build projects that interest them, like this "couch car."

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How We innovate

The strength of our curriculum comes from the intentional way our exceptional teachers prepare students to achieve.

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How We welcomE

We celebrate the diverse tapestry of families in our Junior School, which creates a welcoming community.

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Our Country Day School students spend weeks preparing a musical drama for the annual holiday show each December.

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How We Invest

As part of our Junior School’s financial literacy program, fourth graders practice wise money management through immersive classroom exercises.

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How We board

In a close-knit, family-like setting, boarders establish the independence, responsibility and self-discipline they’ll need to thrive in college.

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"How" Defines What They Will Do.



The Guiding Principles of honesty, kindness, responsibility, respect and safety underpin everything we do at Shady Side.

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How We Achieve

Like many of our athletic teams, the girls’ soccer program provides a testament to hard work and athletic achievement.

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Shady Side alumni have accomplished remarkable feats – from authors of literary masterpieces to life-saving doctors to actors on stage and screen.

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