Explore the unique opportunities at Shady Side Academy and learn how we prepare students for success in college and beyond.


How will we help your child grow?

Your child’s school will play a significant role in how they approach problems and take advantage of opportunities, how they navigate complex ideas and engage in meaningful conversations, how they think critically about themselves and the world.

From preschool to high school graduation, your child will spend over 20,000 hours in school. That time is formative, and we are overjoyed that you are considering Shady Side as a potential school partner.

Shady Side’s team of experts is here to guide you through your exploration of options. We are here to listen and learn what’s most important to your family and ensure you gain a deep understanding of how your child will flourish at SSA. We have experience as teachers, advisors, mentors, active listeners, community connectors, and parents. We can’t wait to welcome you!