Shady Side Academy middle school students learning with iPads.Shady Side Academy provides comprehensive technology education and resources for students across all grades. This technology-enriched academic experience helps students to get the most out of their SSA education and prepares them for a lifetime of success in a world of rapidly evolving tools and systems. From PK-12, students experience age-appropriate exposure, instruction and freedom to learn about contemporary technologies, how they work, and how to use them to support their learning in all curricular areas.

Technology Resources

SmartBoardTeachers in every SSA classroom use SMART Boards, iPads, laptops and desktop computers, plus a variety of software, apps and multimedia resources, to meaningfully enhance student learning across disciplines. Modern technologies are viewed not only as skills to be learned, but also as valuable tools to be leveraged, allowing students and teachers to collaborate, engage and express themselves in exciting and creative ways.

Country Day School Technology

Country Day has integrated technology into the curriculum to enhance learning and prepare students technologically for the changing demands of the world. Teachers use the best tools available to be more productive, communicate effectively and to inspire innovation. Students and teachers use electronic resources to enrich their understanding and knowledge of topics studied in the classroom and encountered in the world.

In the new Technology Center, students have access to modern technology that allows them to research, compile and present their knowledge in many digital formats. All of the students in grades 1-5 have their own Google accounts, which allow them to create and share documents in a cloud-based format. Based on methods learned through current research, students are able to demonstrate their knowledge through green-screen movies, three-dimensional robotic presentations, stop-motion movies and the creation of their own websites.

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Junior School Technology

Junior School iPadsJunior School students are introduced to technology tools that will allow them to be successful learners throughout their time at SSA. A computer lab, Idea Lab and Library Media Center provide a supportive environment for learning technology skills. Students receive formal technology instruction through computer classes beginning in kindergarten. Across all subject areas, technology is used to engage students as collaborators, designers, performers and scientists. iPads, apps, software programs and online tools allow students to demonstrate their learning and share their work with parents and peers. Videoconferencing tools allow students to collaborate with peers around the world and meet their favorite authors. In science, students are introduced to robotics using LEGO kits in a newly renovated robotics and maker space.

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Middle School Technology

Middle School iPadsAt the Middle School, a 1:1 iPad program provides every student with an iPad to use in and out of class, enabling them to capture ideas and evidence of their learning anytime, anyplace. Students are introduced to formal programming in computer classes using computers, iPads, robotics kits and programmable, controllable hardware. Across all disciplines, teachers utilize technology to enhance instruction and engage students more deeply. Students learn to use technology and the power of cloud computing to collaborate and create. Written works, screencasts, movie trailers and interactive presentations complement class notes and digital portfolios, all stored online where they are accessible and sharable.

Senior School Technology

Senior School LaptopsSenior School students are introduced to true college-preparatory programming in computer science classes, where problem solving and data structures build the foundation for advanced studies in game design, robotics, mobile app design, robotics, artificial intelligence and advanced programming. Across the curriculum, teachers use technology to deliver, supplement and extend classroom instruction through an online Learning Management System, flipped-classroom videos and screencasts, cloud-based sharing and collaboration, and social media. Students in the arts use technology tools to create and capture their works for self-critique and assessment. Students in math and science use digital text and resources, analyze collected data, and present findings and solutions using local and online tools. Students in humanities and world languages use mobile technologies to research, create written works, and engage in conversations with peers around the world.

Senior School students enjoy state-of-the-art technology and design facilities in the new Glimcher Tech & Design Hub, which opened in 2019 and includes spacious new computer labs, a computer lounge, robotics classroom, fabrication lab and workshop.

Digital Citizenship

Digital CitizenshipAt all grade levels, Shady Side students learn safe and responsible computing practices. Younger students are guided into the online world to begin safely collaborating and sharing their work. Older students are given more freedom to experience all that technology has to offer. Students learn ethical and responsible online citizenship through guided exercises and authentic experiences.


Middle School RoboticsStudents in every division have the opportunity to join an SSA robotics team to further explore the study of robotics and to compete in local, regional and state competitions. The Junior and Middle School Robotics Teams compete in FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competitions, while the Senior School Robotics Team competes in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) tournaments. SSA has hosted FIRST robotics tournaments on the Middle and Senior School campuses as well.