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Strategic Vision 2012-2017

Challenging Students to Think Expansively, Act Ethically and Lead Responsibly

In May 2012, Shady Side Academy adopted the strategic vision Challenging Students to Think Expansively, Act Ethically and Lead Responsibly, which provided a road map for the Academy's ambitious and successful future. From 2012-2017, the Academy made great strides toward achieving its goals. This final report lists the six goals of the Strategic Vision and their corresponding strategies, with notable progress and achievements listed beneath each strategy.

Goal 1; Academic Program

Deliver a rigorous academic experience renowned for preparing students to excel and lead in a complex, rapidly changing global society.

Goal 2: Faculty

Invest in faculty and ensure the preservation of the faculty-student relationship that lies at the heart of the Shady Side Academy experience.

Goal 3: Students

Provide a distinctive student experience that develops outstanding scholars, ethical leaders and global citizens.

Goal 4: Community Connections

Leverage our robust alumni and parent network to establish meaningful connections and collaborative relationships locally, nationally and internationally that enhance the value of the Shady Side experience.

Goal 5: Physical Resources

Leverage our extensive physical assets on each campus to support and enhance programmatic goals in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Goal 6: Financial Sustainability

Develop a financial master plan to support the mission of the Academy and the goals of this strategic vision.