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Historical Strings Strum Notes of Hope

In a profound display of historical resonance and cultural unity, the Shady Side Academy Middle School hosted a stirring presentation by Violins of Hope. Graced with the presence of Lisa Levinson from the Edgewood Symphony and four poignant violins from the Violins of Hope collection, students and faculty were immersed in an experience that transcended music.

The violins, each bearing the weight of history and the echo of perseverance, have survived the Holocaust. Their melodies filled the halls with more than music; they brought messages of resilience and the importance of tuning out prejudice to build bridges of hope. Middle School students Ysabelle Smith, Allison Guan, Shalin Thosani, and Nadim Tabarra honored their legacy, playing compositions from Vivaldi, Papini, Brahms, and the poignant "Schindler's List" on these storied instruments.

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