Moved to Create New Ventures


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Moved to Create New Ventures

In a dynamic collaboration between Shady Side Academy, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice, and Schoolyard Ventures, the Social Innovators Program is empowering Senior School students with hands-on entrepreneurial experience. As they journey through the three phases of the Innovation Process, students are not just learning about entrepreneurship; they are living it.

In Phase 1, the young innovators engaged in interviews to unearth real-world problems and identify value-creation opportunities in their chosen markets. From dormitory residents to small business owners, each student focused on a unique demographic, uncovering specific needs and challenges.

The subsequent phase saw students diving deeper, selecting specific problems to address. Teams formed, brainstorming and evaluating numerous potential solutions. The collaborative spirit fostered an environment where ideas flourished, and innovative solutions began to take shape.

Now, in the exciting transition to Phase 3, these aspiring entrepreneurs are bringing their ideas to life. They're testing assumptions, developing prototypes, and seeking real-world feedback to refine their ventures. This phase is critical, as students iterate on their concepts, learning from both successes and failures.

One student, Alex M., is tackling the challenge of motivating dormitory students to maintain clean facilities, while Allison S. focuses on providing teens interested in music with the necessary resources. Caroline S. is helping teenagers find jobs that align with their interests, and Dane T. is assisting small business owners in navigating social media advertising.

As the program nears its conclusion, students anticipate sharing their entrepreneurial learnings and outcomes with the SSA community. This year marks the fourth year of SSA's participation in this transformative program. Through it, students are not just earning a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship – they're gaining invaluable skills and insights that will shape their futures as social entrepreneurs.

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