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Middle School's "Break Time Concerts": A Symphony of Spontaneity

In the heart of our Middle School, something truly extraordinary unfolds on Wednesdays during conference period – a symphony of spontaneity known as "Break Time Concerts." Thanks to the creative collaboration of Orchestra and Instrumental Music teachers Randy Broker and Chris Donato, students have the chance to pick up a musical instrument and join the pop-up band in concert, making our Wednesdays a little more melodious.

Earlier this week, it was Mr. Broker's Select Strings class that took center stage. With their instruments in hand, they treated the school to a performance of Mock Morris by the celebrated composer Percy Grainger. 
The "Break Time Concerts" serve as a testament to the vibrant musical culture that thrives within our school. It's a moment when students, faculty, and staff come together to appreciate the joy of music, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creativity. These impromptu performances not only brighten our Wednesdays but also remind us of the rich talents that flourish within our Middle School community.
As the strains of "Mock Morris" resounded through the hallways, it was a beautiful reminder that the Middle School is not just a place of academic growth but also a nurturing ground for creativity and expression. With "Break Time Concerts," Wednesdays have become an opportunity for bringing us all a little closer through the universal language of music.

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