Michael Seamans '01 Hosts Photography Lecture for Students


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Michael Seamans '01 Hosts Photography Lecture for Students

Michael Seamens '01On Thursday, Jan. 13, Shady Side Academy alumnus and photographer Michael Seamans '01 visited the Senior School to give a lecture to Anthony Goodwin's photography class and other art students.

An exhibit of Seamans' photography is currently on display in the lobby of the Hillman Center for Performing Arts on campus. The exhibit features photography of Muay Thai boxers in Thailand. Muay Thai, or "Thai boxing," is a martial art and the national sport of Thailand.

In the lecture, Seamans talked to students about his photography as well as the respect he had for the community in Thailand that he was invited to visit, the humility he felt that they had extended themselves in friendship, and the gratitude he felt being able witness the martial arts Muay Thai culture at its core.

Seamans has a lifelong love of photography and the arts but has dedicated his life to entrepreneurship. He lives and works in Pittsburgh, where he co-owns Fungus Books and Records in Regent Square and SKN Muay Thai Gym in Larimer.

Thank you for visiting, Michael!

View a photo slideshow below:

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