Mastering Multiplication through Melody and Music


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Mastering Multiplication through Melody and Music

Within the walls of Country Day School’s third-grade classroom, an enchanting educational journey is unfolding. Under the leadership of Third Grade Teacher, Raine Rivera, students are discovering a world where mathematics and music converge.

This innovative journey began with Ms. Rivera sharing a treasured piece of her childhood: a song for memorizing multiplication tables. Captivated by the notion of blending multiplication with melody, the students eagerly embarked on a quest to find similar musical numbers.

The concept of creating new multiplication songs quickly took root. Under Ms. Rivera's nurturing guidance, and in collaboration with fellow Third Grade Teacher, Emily Biggers, the class set out to devise a structure for their musical venture, paying particular attention to more complex multiplication tables.

To bring this vision to life, students were armed with iPads, and Ms. Rivera and Ms. Biggers enlisted the expertise of Educational Technology Collaborator, Kate Weber. Ms. Weber played a pivotal role in guiding the young learners through the process of crafting their own unique multiplication melodies.

The classroom has become a symphony of creativity and learning. In this harmonious space, math and music interlace seamlessly, creating an atmosphere of excitement and discovery. The adventure is ongoing as these budding composers skillfully transform often intimidating multiplication tables into melodies that are not only catchy but resonate with a sense of achievement and joy.


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