Learning Math by Building Businesses and Calculating ROI


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Learning Math by Building Businesses and Calculating ROI

In a display of creativity and financial acumen, the fourth-grade students at Shady Side Academy's Junior School have turned their classroom lessons into real-world business ventures. As part of the fourth-grade financial literacy program, these young students embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, showcasing their skills in crafting, marketing, and financial management.

The program, designed to introduce students to the basics of business and finance, allowed them to explore their creative talents by creating handmade items ranging from art to utility products. But they didn't stop there; these young moguls also ventured into the digital marketing sphere, producing engaging video commercials to promote their products.

Setting their own prices and managing expenses, the students are getting hands-on experience with the principles of business. The culmination of their efforts will be a practical lesson in calculating return on investment (ROI) during their math class, further solidifying their understanding of financial literacy.

The marketplace event, supported enthusiastically by parents, faculty, and students, was not just a commercial venture but a vibrant community gathering. It provided a platform for the fourth graders to present their hard work and for the school community to celebrate their achievements. 

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