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Junior School “Lifers” Return to their Roots for a Day

The Junior School celebrated Lynne Voelp Reed Day with a carnival in the gymnasium hosted by the Parents' Association and with help from the senior "lifers" who attended the Junior School.

The “lifers”, who once walked the same halls, had a great time visiting their old stomping grounds. They helped out at the carnival, caught up with former teachers, and enjoyed lunch, but one tradition holds a special place in their hearts. They gathered behind the stage, paintbrushes in hand, ready to leave their mark as they painted their names on the walls—a beautiful reminder of their time at the Junior School and the memories they cherish.

Lynne Voelp Reed Day has become an annual celebration paying homage to the memory of Lynne Voelp Reed—a beloved teacher who taught first grade from 1964 to 1969. The day serves as a joyful tribute to a remarkable teacher who fought a courageous battle against cancer but left an indelible mark on the hearts of those she taught. The carnival, filled with laughter and love, honors her memory while reminding us to appreciate the joyous moments we share together and renewing the spirit of unity and resilience within the Junior School community.

JS students enjoying LVR day


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